Government Shutdown: Please?


As Business Insider reports:

After the GOP-led house passed its bill in the early hours of Saturday morning, the spending debate moves to the Democrat-controlled Senate, which will pass a totally different bill that the House would never approve. But, as WaPo notes, the Senate is on break all next week, which means there will be just four working days to hammer out an agreement.


Let’s have it.  Shut it down.

And keep it shut down until you come to an actual primary surplus budget proposal.

One way to do this would be to leave government shut down for about 180 days, and then not make good on any deferred expenses.

Note folks: This means a cut in the size of government by half.

Yes, half.

This is not “drastic”, as others have claimed.  The government has in fact doubled in expenditure in just ten year’s time.  We could not afford it when we did it, and we still can’t.  There’s no way to make it affordable either.

Freezing the expansion of discretionary programs will not do the job.  Nor will holding entitlements and defense out from the ax.  This is a function of mathematics, not politics.

I said 50% and I meant it.  And we had better do it now, because even that would not balance the budget.  Let’s note that you can’t just balance the budget, you must actually run a primary surplus in order to start whittling down the debt.

This means you need to both raise revenues and cut spending in half.



It’s just reality, and if we don’t do it now we’re simply going further into the hole and making the size of the necessary cuts larger

In 2000 we had to cut about 10% or so.  In 2007, 30% (which I wrote to Congress about.)  Now its half, and if we keep going the only viable option will be to reduce to zero all entitlement spending as interest expense will ramp severely and the rest of the budget will become insignificant to overall progress due to interest expense.

It doesn’t matter if the Demoncrats or Rethuglicans like this or not – these are the facts.

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