Government "Urges" Banks (Financial Fraud On Military)



… to comply with the law on servicemember debts:

Holly Petraeus, who will head an office on military issues at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, called on the country’s largest banks to “comply with important legal protections for military personnel.”

“Called on.”


There’s a decided lack of reason here, as there is with virtually all “laws” that bear on either government or “favored” institutions.

That is, there’s a lack of an “or else.”

I call upon The Federal Government to change the laws against bank robbery so they contain the same sanction that exists for banks that rob servicemembers.

This way, the service members or their families can rob them back, and face only the same sanction the bank faced when they robbed the servicemember in the first place!

When is this joke of a government going to be forced by the people to stop this crap and start locking people up who break the law?

Ps: Yes, I know the CFPB doesn’t yet have “actual” authority.  Does it matter?  There is no “or else” in the law!

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