Ireland: Why Do You Tolerate This?


How many times will you be lied to and sit for it?

The Republic of Ireland will have to go to the IMF/EU for another €15bn – on top of the €35bn already earmarked – to save the banking system, according to the government-appointed chairman of Anglo Irish Bank.

In a bombshell revelation, Alan Dukes said we will need 40pc more, or €50bn, to properly clean up the banks.

Tell them to blow it out their butts and go bankrupt like men.

When will you wake up and stop allowing these robber barons to asset-strip not only you, but your children, grandchildren, and those not yet born?

You didn’t do this.  The banks did. 

You have no obligation to fund this bailout, and shouldn’t.

Look to Iceland.  They did it, and all the dire claims of what would happen didn’t.  That is, not only did the banks attempt to extort them, they were unable to make good on the threat when told to stuff it.

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