National Day of Action! Thursday, Feb. 3

Call your Attorney General and tell them bank crime shouldn’t pay!

Are you sick of the big banks continuing to reap big profits from the damage they caused to our homes, families and communities? If so, join with thousands of people on Thursday, February 3 to call your state Attorney General and demand a strong and meaningful settlement against the big banks.

The nation’s 50 state Attorneys General are currently investigating the fraudulent mortgage practices of the big banks The big banks are pressing for a quick settlement that will let them off the hook for their crimes and keep the process behind closed doors and so we need to fight back. Just a few minutes of your time will send a message to the Attorneys General that we’re watching their work closely and we won’t settle for anything less than deep penalties for the big banks and justice for millions of homeowners.

On Thursday, February 3, call your Attorney General >>

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Tell Attorneys General to hold the big banks accountable for mortgage fraud!

In the first three months of 2011, homeowners from across the nation will be meeting with their state Attorneys General to demand that they reach a strong settlement with the nation’s largest banks in the 50-state investigation into the foreclosure scandal.

These meetings are based on a successful December 14th meeting between Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller – the lead in the investigation – and a group of 100 homeowners from 15 states.

This investigation is the best hope for homeowners and communities since the crisis began.

As homeowners we are demanding principal reduction for millions of families who are at-risk of losing their homes, a new approach to preventing unnecessary foreclosures and criminal penalties for bankers who broke the law. Please join us by signing on to this letter, which we will deliver all 50 state Attorneys General who are part of the investigation.

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