Two "S" Words For Saturday


The first one: STATE.

You know, that thing that has all of the powers of government not explicitly delegated in The Constitution to The Federal government?  Yes, that thing.  There are 50 of them in The United States.

Notice that we don’t call the nation “The United Federal Government.”  We call it “The United STATES.”  That’s because States have supremacy.  Always have.  They originally joined together under a promise of a limited Federal government, which was mostly about the common defense – and little more.

Now as for the second word….. Sedition.

1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3. Archaic . rebellious disorder.

I’m going to draw the line between the word sedition and the act of seditious conspiracy; the latter is a federal offense.  At least today, that line may still apply.  It may be true, however, that as facts develop we will discover that this line has been crossed.

In America we have these things called elections.  After the 2008 election Barack Obama was having a discussion with Republican lawmakers where they were objecting to some of his plans.  They asked him why they should negotiate with a wall, effectively, and his answer was simple:

I won.

Ok.  Fair enough.  Elections have consequences, right, and one of the key points that Barack Obama himself has put forward time and time again as justification for his alleged “mandate” was that he won the 2008 election.

Never mind that he lied about virtually everything he said he was going to do.  Among other things he said he did not come to Washington to favor the banksters, but in point of fact he has provided more Lewinskis to them than Monica ever did to Bill Clinton.  His so-called Attorney General, Eric “Place” Holder, can’t even find a felony to indict and prosecute when they’re apparently admitted to under oath before the FCIC.

It is clear at this point that the game is to run the Statute of Limitations so that prosecution becomes impossible.  That is, for those who elected Barack Obama, you by doing so – yes, this includes me – provided every bankster a “never go to jail” card for what they did.

In fact, Angelo Mozilo had the criminal probe against him dropped yesterday, if reports are correct.

Of course McStain was going to do the same thing.  So it’s not like we really had a choice between “D” and “R” in this regard, right?  Well, no.

We were also told our health insurance payments would go down.  Mine went up – more than 20%.  This, despite being told it wouldn’t.  That we would get “relief.”  Well, no, we didn’t get relief.  We got cornholed. 

After two years of this blatant abuse Americans had enough.  They went to the polls again.  And this time they threw a lot of Demoncrats out of office.  One of the newly-elected politicians was Republican Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

He ran on a platform that, among other things, promised to do away with collective bargaining for teachers for all items other than pay. That is, pensions, health insurance, work rules, everything else.  All those things, if they were going to be larded up on the public, would have to survive a public vote by the people.

What’s wrong with this, may I ask?  Teachers are employed by the people.  Did you notice your property tax bill?  You’re the boss.  You pay the check.  You make the rules.  And in a representative government, you hire people through the ballots to do as you demand.

Wisconsin did exactly that.

Governor Walker did exactly what he promised.  Faced with a monstrous budget problem that was gimmicked and gamed by his predecessor to appear smaller than it really was (just as occurred in New Jersey with Governor Christie) he put forward a bill. 

Remember now, the standard is “I won” when it comes to justification – by our own President.

Mr. Walker won.

So what did our President’s campaign organization – “Organizing For America” – do?

OfA Wisconsin’s field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said.


Our own President’s campaign apparatus is attempting to prevent a vote from taking place?  To overturn an election?  To incite discontent against a duly-elected government, perhaps by importing people who aren’t actually Wisconsin residents?  And to spread that discontent to other states?

Really?  Our own President is doing this?

That’s textbook stuff folks.  As in Mubarak’s textbook.

Didn’t we just see a government go down with our support in Egypt over this exact same thing?  A government where the people said “do X”, government did “Y”, and the people rose?  And let us not forget that in Egypt it was not the people who were shooting, it was government goons – rifles are prohibited from private ownership in Egypt.

These acts have a word folks: Sedition.

Just a month ago we heard from our very same President that we had a “responsibility” to tone down the political rhetoric.  This, incidentally, is why these bussed-in protesters who aren’t Wisconsin residents are waving signs that claim Walker is Adolph Hitler and have targets on him?

To anyone who believes that these teachers are in some way deprived, I’ve run the analysis.  The average teacher in Wisconsin receives about $86,000 in total pay and benefits annually.  Like all teachers they also get three months off every year.  That $86,000 has a huge benefit component, like all public employees – including pension and health care.  But the important point is this figure is roughly $25,000 more than the average private-sector worker makes – even when you include the ridiculously over-compensated people like those at Goldman Sachs.

Here’s the reality folks: We’re broke.  The States are broke and so is the Federal Government.  We’ve allowed political hacks from both sides to make promises that can’t be kept.  That’s a fact and no amount of spin is going to change it.  We must cut the Federal Budget by more than half and at the same time raise taxes in order to start to pay down the debt.

Five entitlement programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and Unemployment consume more than half of the entire Federal Budget.  We borrow 42 cents of every dollar.  You can cut to zero every other program, including defense, and we can’t balance the budget if we do not severely cut these five programs. 

This is not a problem for the future, it’s a problem that must be solved right now.  We could have cut the budget by 10 or 20% a decade ago, but we didn’t.  Now it’s half.  Soon it will collapse.  And this same picture exists in the States.

The pension and health care cost issues are particularly severe.  There is no solution to these problems that “keeps the promises” people believe were made to them.  It’s not possible, no matter what you wish to believe or who is speaking.  These are mathematical facts.

But today, the issue is this: We have a President who is attempting to overturn the results of an election in a State.  That election was held, the people spoke, and the majority of Wisconsin residents support what Governor Walker is doing.  The President has exactly zero right to interfere in the sovereign matters of a State’s Government in violation of the expressed will of The People and by doing so he has, in my opinion, committed an impeachable offense.

There are also serious issues in Wisconsin with the Teachers and also with State Senators.  If you are a parent with children in a Wisconsin school you must demand that any teacher who falsely called in sick to protest be debarred from teaching your child.  It is absolutely essential that our children understand and be taught that the representative process of government is sacred and that violating that premise is unacceptable.  No parent who honors our form of government can permit their child to be instructed by a teacher who participated.  I therefore call upon all parents to perform a “KidOut” and demand these teachers be immediately fired and replaced, or their children will not return to class.  There are millions of unemployed people in this nation and many are qualified to teach.  There is no shortage in the labor pool.  Force the Superintendents to fire every one of these teachers – right now.

Second, Governor Walker needs to sign an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and ordering the Senate to come to order.  If the Democrats refuse he should then declare their seats abdicated and hold special elections.  The Democrats need only lose one seat in that special election to be irretrievably screwed.  It is fine to disagree but the fact remains that a legislator has a job, and that is to legislate.  That means showing up, speaking your peace, debating in a civil manner and voting.  That’s how we do things in America. 

Finally, to those in Organizing for America who are playing these games, let me make this very, very clear: You set the standard in 2008 when your President, who heads your group, said “I won” as justification for refusing to compromise on his bills.  Well, this time you lost.  Live to your own standards or you risk the people deciding to shut down commerce.  To de-fund the government and your goon squads by doing an entirely-legal thing – deciding to cease all commerce and demonstrate via peaceful means exactly as was done in Egypt.

Government exists only because it has a believed ability to raise revenues via taxation.  That’s what allows government at all levels to sell bonds and transact business.

We the people, via peaceful and lawful means, always have the right to revoke that belief among those who buy those bonds and transact business, and I believe we are not far from a critical mass in this country of people who are willing to do exactly that, particularly when our government refuses to honor the just results of a fair election of representatives and governors.

I call upon all Ticker [and FedUpUSA] readers to call Darryl Issa’s office Tuesday, along with their Representative and Senators, and demand an immediate halt to this interference in the affairs of Wisconsin and other States.  And while you’re at it, demand that Mr. Issa issue subpoenas and find out exactly where the money came from for those buses, where the people came from, and who’s coordinating what.

There may be a federal offense in there.

Speaking of which, is it time to impeach Eric Holder yet?

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