The Paradox of Political Divide


Glenn Beck is currently running a video, apparently leaked from a faction of ‘socialist’ groups, or so they are identified.


Well, this is going to raise some ire, I’m sure, but I don’t disagree with what is being said on the video. 

Yes, you read that correctly.  Anyone who has been following FedUpUSA for any length of time knows a few things about us, first and foremost:  we’re about as pro-Constitution as it gets, but few people understand what that means.  And yes, I’m speaking to many Tea Party groups, as well as conservative groups right along with left-leaning liberal-progressives.  What does it mean to be Constitutional?  It means that the rule of law is applied EQUALLY to all.  There are NO exclusions.  Do we have that now?  No.  Have we had it in the past 100 years?  No.  Therein lies the problem I’m going to lay out for you here. 

We don’t have a political problem – we have a problem of corruption and the loss of the rule of law.  The ‘equal protection under the law’ promise in the 14th Amendment does not mean ‘everyone is equal.’  It doesn’t mean some are more equal than others.  It means that each law should be applied to everyone regardless of race, political affiliation, creed, ethnicity, religion, or economic status.  Do we have that?  No.   This is not a political problem, it’s a ‘failure to recognize what is wrong’ problem.  And I’m going to prove it to you.

The following is the Socialist Party Platform of 1912, the emphasis and strike-throughs are added by me to help you understand the paradox of what we face.

The Socialist Constitutional Rule of Law party declares that the capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic system has outgrown its historical function, and has become utterly incapable of meeting the problems now confronting society. We denounce this outgrown system as incompetent and corrupt and the source of unspeakable misery and suffering to the whole working class.

Under this system the industrial equipment of the nation has passed into the absolute control of a plutocracy which exacts an annual tribute of hundreds of millions of dollars from the producers. Unafraid of any organized resistance, it stretches out its greedy hands over the still undeveloped resources of the nation-the land, the mines, the forests and the water powers of every State of the Union.

In spite of the multiplication of laborsaving machines and improved methods in industry which cheapen the cost of production, the share of the producers grows ever less, and the prices of all the necessities of life steadily increase. The boasted prosperity of this nation is for the owning class alone. To the rest it means only greater hardship and misery. The high cost of living is felt in every home. Millions of wage-workers have seen the purchasing power of their wages decrease until life has become a desperate battle for mere existence.

Multitudes of unemployed walk the streets of our cities or trudge from State to State awaiting the will of the masters to move the wheels of industry. The farmers in every state are plundered by the increasing prices exacted for tools and machinery and by extortionate rents, freight rates and storage charges.

Capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic concentration is mercilessly crushing the class of small business men and driving its members into the ranks of propertyless wage-workers. The overwhelming majority of the people of America are being forced under a yoke of bondage by this soulless industrial despotism.

It is this capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic system that is responsible for the increasing burden of armaments, the poverty, slums, child labor, most of the insanity, crime and prostitution, and much of the disease that afflicts mankind.

Under this system the working class is exposed to poisonous conditions, to frightful and needless perils to life and limb, is walled around with court decisions, injunctions and unjust laws, and is preyed upon incessantly for the benefit of the controlling oligarchy of wealth. Under it also, the children of the working class are doomed to ignorance, drudging toil and darkened lives.

In the face of these evils, so manifest that all thoughtful observers are appalled at them, the legislative representatives of the Republican and Democratic parties remain the faithful servants of the oppressors. Measures designed to secure to the wage-earners of this Nation as humane and just treatment as is already enjoyed by the wage-earners of all other civilized nations have been smothered in committee without debate, the laws ostensibly designed to bring relief to the farmers and general consumers are juggled and transformed into instruments for the exaction of further tribute. The growing unrest under oppression has driven these two old parties to the enactment of a variety of regulative measures, none of which has limited in any appreciable degree the power of the plutocracy, and some of which have been perverted into means of increasing that power. Anti-trust laws, railroad restrictions and regulations, with the prosecutions, indictments and investigations based upon such legislation, have proved to be utterly futile and ridiculous.

Nor has this plutocracy been seriously restrained or even threatened by any Republican or Democratic executive. It has continued to grow in power and insolence alike under the administration of Cleveland, McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft.

We declare, therefore, that the longer sufferance of these conditions is impossible, and we purpose to end them all. We declare them to be the product of the present system in which industry is carried on for private greed, instead of for the welfare of society. We declare, furthermore, that for these evils there will be and can be no remedy and no substantial relief except through Socialism application of Constitutional governance under which industry will be carried on for the common good held to the rule of law and every worker receive the full social value of the wealth he creates.

Society is divided into warring groups and classes, based upon material interests. Fundamentally, this struggle is a conflict between the two main classes, one of which, the capitalist class, owns the means of production, and the other, the working class, must use these means of production, on terms dictated by the owners.

The capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic class, though few in numbers, absolutely controls the government, legislative, executive and judicial. This class owns the machinery of gathering and disseminating news through its organized press. It subsidizes seats of learning-the colleges and schools-and even religious and moral agencies. It has also the added prestige which established customs give to any order of society, right or wrong.

The working class, which includes all those who are forced to work for a living whether by hand or brain, in shop, mine or on the soil, vastly outnumbers the capitalist class. Lacking effective organization and class solidarity, this class is unable to enforce its will. Given such a class solidarity and effective organization, the workers will have the power to make all laws and control all industry in their own interest. All political parties are the expression of economic class interests. All other parties than the Socialist  Constitutional Rule of Law party represent one or another group of the ruling capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic class. Their political conflicts reflect merely superficial rivalries between competing capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic groups. However they result, these conflicts have no issue of real value to the workers. Whether the Democrats or Republicans win politically, it is the capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic class that is victorious economically.

The Socialist Constitutional Rule of Law party is the political expression of the economic interests of the workers. Its defeats have been their defeats and its victories their victories. It is a party founded on the science and laws of social development the rule of law. It proposes that, since all social necessities today are socially individually produced, the means of their production and distribution shall be socially individually owned and democratically controlled all that do so, subjected to the rule of law equally applied.

In the face of the economic and political aggressions of the capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic class the only reliance left the workers is that of their economic organizations and their political power. By the intelligent and class conscious use of these, they may resist successfully the capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic class, break the fetters of wage slavery, and fit themselves for the future society, which is to displace the capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic system. The Socialist Constitutional Rule of Law party appreciates the full significance of class organization and urges the wage-earners, the working farmers and all other useful workers to organize for economic and political action, and we pledge ourselves to support the toilers of the fields as well as those in the shops, factories and mines of the nation in their struggles for economic justice and fair and equal application of the law.

In the defeat or victory of the working class party in this new struggle for freedom lies the defeat or triumph of the common people of all economic groups, as well as the failure or triumph of popular government. Thus the Socialist Constitutional Rule of Law party is the party of the present day revolution which makes the transition from economic individualism capture to socialism economic freedom, from wage slavery to free co-operation, from capitalist LAW-EXEMPT kleptocratic oligarchy to industrial democracy a free Republic.

Having a problem disagreeing with the bolded portions?

It’s not a coincidence. The corrupt system that they complain of, however, is NOT ‘capitalism’; they are mis-identifying the problem.  By 1912, we already had a pretty well corrupted and captured government. That is, rules for some but not for others, because the elite and wealthy could buy Members of Congress to vote the way they wanted them to.  The problems were all the same as we see now, but there was even a deeper divide then between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.  While we were ‘free’ we were not REALLY free. No more so than we are now, today.

Their answer is basically a new Mayflower Compact – but they fail to see that the same people in power under the current (and previous) mislabeled ‘capitalist system’ would be in charge of the NEW collective-good, socialist system they propose.

They don’t get it any more than most of us do today – on EITHER side of the political spectrum.  This is because it is not a political problem, it is a rule of law problem.

We don’t have capitalism, we have a captured government, otherwise known as an oligarchy or plutocracy, which is where the rule of law is not applied equally to all; some are more equal to others and their preferential treatment is due to the power of their money enabling them to purchase representation that the rest of us cannot.  The deck is stacked.  The game is rigged.  It’s a closed system, and 99% of us are NOT part of it.

Socialism, while sounding like it might remedy such imbalances, really SOLIDIFIES the power and concentrates it further.  This is what most advocating for such a system fail to recognize.  These people fail to closely examine history.  However, so do those advocating for a return to Constitutional governance.  This cannot be acheived either, not without identifying what is currently wrong.  And they entirely miss the mark when they continue to support Wall Street and banking as bastions of capitalism and free markets.  It is anything but.

Either way, this video is correct – the banks must be brought down to have real and true socialsm, and they must also be brought down in order to have real and true capitalism. Thus, common need, but different goals.   PARADOX!  However, the goals are only different because both sides fail to identify the real and true problem:  It is not political system, it is loss of the rule of law.   This is what is causing everyone so much pain, no matter what their political affiliation.  This is what is destroying our economy bit by bit and day by day.

Currently, as it was then, and as it has been throughout history, the banks have no one to answer to because they alone control the quantity of money – therefore, they are exempt from rules of law that apply to everyone else. They either get brought down, or the rule of law needs to come down on them like an anvil.

How many will grasp and understand the paradox?  That’s the real question – because at this point, it is a huge trap being laid. For all of us.  On both sides of the aisle.  Warring between left and right will continue to keep us all from realizing the true problem.

While the answer is simple, it’s implementation is not:

Convince those that are advocating for socialism that what they are railing against is not the failure of capitalism (it hasn’t really existed for over 100 years), but is more accurately, the capture of government through those who pay for representation in order to be exempt from the law.

Convince those that are advocating for a reapplication and return to the Constitution that this cannot be accomplished without removal of those who have captured our government and who pay for representation in order to be exempt from the law.

In both cases, the influence and power of those who control the quantity of money over our government must be stopped.  Nothing short of this will make any difference at all in whatever political system we have now or will end up with in the future.  It has been this way since the beginning of fiat currency.