These Are Not The Forged Deeds….


… you’re looking for.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into a complaint that more than 1,000 deeds for homes foreclosed upon in Maryland were improperly executed — the latest development suggesting widespread problems in the way foreclosures have been handled in the state.

The complaint, filed last week by a paralegal formerly employed by the Shapiro & Burson law firm, lays out allegations that attorneys who were supposed to be signing deeds and key foreclosure paperwork for Maryland properties instead instructed others to falsify their signatures on the documents.

A forged signature on a deed could be an extremely serious problem, in that the deed itself is then forged and worthless.  If challenged at some later date the owner would have to figure out where the person who was supposed to convey actually is at that point and fix the problem.  This becomes a whole lot of fun if that person can’t be found or worse, is deceased.

There apparently are other irregularities as well – we have notaries resigning their commissions up there.

How serious is this?  I don’t know.  But this is just the latest wrinkle in the Foreclosuregate mess, which is managing to rack up more and more alleged abuses on an almost-daily basis.

Don’t worry though – the 50 State Attorneys General are on the case.  They’re going to propose something that will fix it.  Honest.

(And nobody will go to jail – that is, if Richard “Dick” Shelby doesn’t obstruct the entire thing)

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