More Tea Party Awakening

  Glenn Beck finally connected the dots.  Not that we haven’t been hammering on this for over three years, but hey, again, better late than never.  Glenn Beck joins, Neil Cavuto, Dylan Ratigan and Eric Odom. Yes, you ARE being robbed. …


Low wage capitalism – Newly added jobs are coming from lower paying sectors while productivity increases and profits filter to the top of the economic class. 3,500,000 high-wage jobs lost during recession and only 179,000 have been added so far.

  One of the most troubling aspects of this “recovery” is how it is being achieved.  We keep hearing about the wonderful Wall Street recovery yet a large portion of this is being created by extracting productivity from workers and…


Our "Let's Pretend" Economy

  There are two economies–the real one, which is in decline, and the “let’s pretend” one touted by the State and corporate propaganda machines. Children love to play “let’s pretend.” Let’s pretend the economy is “recovering.” Why does this “recovery”…