Arizona State Rep Nancy McLain (R-3rd): A Putrid Viper


Here’s the architect of gutting SB1259, which would have required that banks coming to foreclose prove they actually held the debt.

The original bill is here:

SB 1259 – Introduced Version – Arizona State Legislature via MyGov365.com

It was gutted and replaced with a completely unrelated bill after passing the Senate 28-2.

This is how you got screwed Arizona – through an in-your-face act of Monarchy by one Representative McLain, who arrogated the entirety of the Democratic process even within the committee she chairs to herself, and abused that authority to financially rape every Arizona homeowner who is facing foreclosure.  Vote?  What’s a Vote?  We don’t need any stinking votes!  McLain is the chair and she’s arrogated herself King!

You’re simply not going to believe the audacity displayed by this bag of venomous pus.


Only one question remains for Arizona residents: Are you going to sit for being screwed raw by this putrid viper or will you stand and do something about it?

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