Cook County Sheriff Opens CRIMINAL Investigation


On the banks that are filing foreclosures improperly….


Oh, and if you think this is only foreclosures?  Uh….. no.

It’s not the foreclosure affidavits only. Hello? It’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. it’s the fabricated assignments of mortgage, fake allonges, robo-stamped endorsements in blank, and satisfactions of mortgage, ignoring SEC and IRS regulations, disregard for the steps required by the REMIC rules. It’s all the top national banks and their servicing arms. The whole of it is a sham. Don’t believe the propaganda that insists otherwise.

If you “paid” your mortgage in full, did you actually pay the right person, and is that “satisfaction” that was filed authentic, or is that a fraud too?  Oh, read that second link carefully folks…. then ponder whether you have a trash title to your house, even if you’ve been paying on time, as-agreed.

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