Media In Arizona Catches On….Disappearing Legislation


It looks like there are some real reporters that exist in Arizona.  Although this outrage ocurred a month ago, it seems as though at least one media outlet was paying attention to our recent expose on State Representative Nancy McLain’s acsension to monarch.  Time to turn up the heat!

From KPHO CBS 5, Phoenix

PHOENIX — Senate Bill 1259 was supposed to be all about transparency, making sure homeowners could always have access to a copy of their home’s deed.

 But it ended up having nothing to do with housing.


CBS 5 News wanted to know what happened so we sent our crew to the source to find out.

“The bill was very simple, this bill was to show people where your note is at,” said state Sen. Michele Reagan.

What started out as a half a page homeowner bill ended up anything but. When Reagan sponsored SB 1259, she never anticipated any problems.

“It sailed through the Senate, 28 I believe to 2, which is a good vote,” Reagan said.

The next step was the House Banking and Insurance committee, where Reagan expected a similar reaction.

Instead committee chair Nancy McLain moved to strike the bill before it even had a chance to be read.

CBS 5 News wanted to know why.

“Just to be clear, representative, it was solely your decision to not hear the original bill in committee, right?” asked reporter Elizabeth Erwin.

“That is correct, yes,” McLain answered.

McLain said the bill would have given folks in foreclosure false hope and given those who just don’t want to pay their mortgage a loophole to get out of forking over the cash.

How did she come to that conclusion?

“I call it the ‘lobbyists employment act’ because I had banker lobbyists, down (at the capitol) like crazy trying to kill this bill in the house,” said Reagan.

“I’ve got to ask, did lobbyists have anything to do with your decision?” Erwin asked McLain.

“Well, there were people that came and talked to me about it,” she responded.

“Representative, of course the bankers aren’t going to like this bill, it doesn’t help them. But have you talked to the constituents, the folks in foreclosure who could have been assisted by this?” Erwin questioned.

“No, believe me, I have talked to many people, many constituents,” McLain said.

But she said her information on this bill came from the bankers.

Reagan said she was told the bill didn’t have a shot, so she agreed to strike it and replace it with one that would help fire districts.

“I think as a homeowner, you deserve that information. Apparently the House disagreed with me, so we turned it into something to help the folks,” Reagan said.

Reagan said she agrees with McLain on one thing, that as a committee chair she does have the right to hear or not hear any bills she wants.

McLain says if a similar bill that fixes the problems she and the bankers saw pops up next year she might be willing to consider it.