Bernanke Warns That Lawbreaking Must Be Allowed


As Treasury sells debt today that puts it over the debt limits, Bernanke says:

Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke reinforced his call on Thursday for Congress to raise the cap on U.S. borrowing, saying a failure to do so could lead down the same risky path that the failure of Lehman Brothers did.


According to the most recent public figures, the debt was just $14 billion shy of the cap.

Uh huh.  How much did we sell in 30s today?

And yesterday’s 10 year auction?

(The latest Treasury balance sheet is from the 10th)

Do those two auctions add to more or less than $15 billion?

That’s what I thought.

PS: If the law does not apply to the government and particularly the Administration, can you please explain to me why anyone else in the country, most-especially the common man who has been continually violated by these clowns in Washington DC, bothers with the alleged moral and ethical imperative to follow the law?

PPS: To Ben – Go perform an anatomically-impossible act.

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