Fasten Seat Belts Please (Norway and Greece)


In what many are calling a “technical” matter but is likely anything but….

Norway has frozen a 235 million kroner ($42.6 million) grant to Greece, saying the financially strapped country has failed to live up to the conditions that were linked to receiving the money.

It’s starting folks.  Remember, the “True Finns” party stands opposed to continuing the bailouts as well.  And support among German people (not the banksters, of course) is sketchy at best as well.

Norway is not formally part of the European Union, but does have some intersection with it and has access to the common market in return.  If this spreads, and it is likely to as more and more nations wake up to the fact that they’re basically supporting a bunch of drug addicts in their demand for more hookers and blow, things will get very dicey for the Euro very fast.

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