Michigan: Class Action Against MERS!


Not surprised at this filing, given the recent decision that MERS has improperly foreclosed by advertisement in Michigan.  The expected result was that some of the allegedly screwed have gotten together and now are after MERS for the big bucks in a class-action:

12. MERS has acted in a mortgagee nominee capacity on behalf of its members and within the State of Michigan for more than five (5) years.

13. MERS, for itself and at the direction of, and on behalf of, its members, has filed thousands of foreclosures by advertisement in the State of Michigan.

14. During this period, MERS has illegally prosecuted numerous non-judicial foreclosures by advertisement as permitted under MCL 600.3201, et seq., purchased the property at the subsequent sheriff’s sales and then quit-claim deeded the properties to its associated note holding member.


18. Even in the face of these challenges, MERS did, and continued for a period of years, to knowingly, fraudulently and illegally foreclose using a State law upon which they had no authority or right to utilize.

Now the fun begins; they’re after $400 million…… that ought to leave a mark.

h/t 4closurefraud


Marlya Depauw and Sharon & Terrance Lafrance v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., MERS