Rethuglican Love Fest: The Cain Mutiny


And he’s the mutineer!

Last night the first “debate” was held, and the common conclusion was that Herman Cain “won.”  People said he “talked straight” and other similar things.

Incidentally, if you missed it, you can watch it right here.

Well, did Cain do any of those things?

I didn’t see or hear anything “straight” – just “goals”, not intended acts.  Let’s remember who this guy is.  Yes, he’s a former successful CEO.  So am I.  He ran bigger companies, but he’s got valuable (and valid) experience in the business world.

But he is also a former Federal Reserve Bank Chair!

Does he have any sort of intent – or desire – to put a stop to the abuse of leverage that got us in this mess?  Oh hell no.

In fact, what I found astounding was the complete lack of any attention whatsoever in the so-called “debate” last evening to the root causes of the issues we face as a nation. 

That is, the abusive use of DEBT to blow bubbles on a serial basis, and the fact that absolutely nothing has been done, or even discussed, about how we allegedly “grew” over the last 30 years:

There it is.  And how bad was the imbalance?

There has been no actual economic growth funded by output since 1983!

And nobody – and I do mean nobody – had actual answers for this problem:

The guy who came closest was Governor Johnson.  If you’re interested in more on him, you might want to listen to my interview of him from 2009, which you can find in my Blogtalk Archives.  The link is here.

It’s all fine and well to talk about how we have to do a “cost-benefit” analysis.  But the fact of the matter is that someone has to lay upon the table what they actually intend to do, and I didn’t hear that from anyone last night.

Did you?

This much is clear: Unless I hear honest contrition and a real path forward from this guy my view is simple – you vote for this nozzle, you’re gonna get douched.

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