They Don't Even Bother Trying To Hide It Anymore


These are your Attorneys General folks….

Now, in response to queries from TIME, Miller says he initiated fundraising calls to several national firms that represent big banks after he had announced his intention to investigate the foreclosure mess. “In September and October, I tried to reach out to people that I’d worked with and I thought had respect for me and potential support for me and tried to raise money from them,” Miller says. “And a number of them were from national firms.”

Uh huh.

“People I’d worked with”?

Hint: As Attorney General, you don’t work with people.  You regulate them.  You investigate their conduct.  And, in certain circumstances, you bring charges, you prosecute and you sue.

This is like saying that the Attorney General “works with” a bank robber.  Oh wait, that works too, doesn’t it?

Miller denied any sort of impropriety.

I will simply observe that one can determine whether there was impropriety through the inverse of the number of indictments that Miller and the rest of these clowns have sent up through a Grand Jury.

That would be zero, right?
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