Utah Has Had Enough: BofA / CFC Foreclosures


It appears that Utah has had enough:

ReconTrust Co. isn’t meeting requirements for carrying out foreclosures in the state, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleffsaid in a letter to Bank of America Chief Executive Officer Brian Moynihan. The letter, dated May 19, was released today by Shurtleff’s office.

All real estate foreclosures conducted by ReconTrust in the state of Utah are not in compliance with Utah’s statutes, and are hence illegal,” Shurtleff wrote.

If you remember I wrote on this recently, on 3/12:

To the State of Utah: Where are your balls?

I want to know if you can find them with both hands and a flashlight, or if you’re going to knob-job Bank of America and screw your citizens while making a lot of worthless noise.

The time to rattle sabers is over.  Start revoking foreign corporate registrations (necessary to do business in a given state) and bringing indictments.

To Utah: Time for this sort of treatment of these jackals:


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