Operation Educate Congress


What we have here is clearly a lack of understanding.  You see, the Constitution LIMITS the powers of government, it doesn’t expand them.  For some odd reason, Congress seems to believe the latter.  It’s time to remind them that the full extent of their powers are contained in a document that doesn’t even fill 35 three-inch by 6-inch pages.

We know our Congressfolk use The Constitution for toilet paper these days.  From Obamacare to the Department of Education kicking down doors on “no-knock” warrants to TSA rapescans and other forms of sexual molestation, The Constitution, Declaration and of course The Bill of Rights have been so widely disregarded as to become somewhat of a bad joke.

It’s time, coming into silly season, to put a stop to this.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, this is a movement you should be able to get behind.  The message is simple:  Send your Critters A Constitution.

First, order them.  I recommend http://www.nccs.net, although you can also obtain nicely printed pocket-sized copies from The Heritage Foundation and other places.  They’re cheap; 100 of them are just $30, or 10 for $7.50, or one for free – just send a SASE to them.

Second, go to http://www.house.gov and http://www.senate.gov and get the correct mailing addresses for your Representative and Senators.  Address up some envelopes.

Enclose a letter with it.  Feel free to steal the text of what’s below, modified to suit.

The Honorable <First, Last>
xxxx {Name} {House|Senate} Office Building
Washington DC  {Zip}

Dear {Mr.|Ms.} <Last>;

Please find enclosed a copy of the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

When you assumed your office in Washington DC, you took an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States as black letter law against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  These are not “living” documents, subject to alteration at whim, theories or ideas.  They are, indeed, black-letter law and backed by the two seminal works in guidance on their interpretation found in The Federalist and The Anti-Federalist, much as the intent of legislation is backed by the record of debate in Congress, subject to alteration only through the amendment processes provided within.

Sadly, many Americans, myself included, are of the opinion that our alleged representatives in Washington, along with other elected and appointed officials, have forgotten their oath.  This letter is intended to remind you of the terms of the oath you swore and provide a handy pocket reference should you have questions as to your duties in this regard.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or otherwise is immaterial. Nor does it matter whether you consider your political philosophy Conservative, Liberal, Progressive or even Socialist.  You were elected to your office to represent your Constituents within the boundaries of the oath you swore, and that oath committed you to a duty to uphold and defend The Constitution, irrespective of your personal or political beliefs and ideals.

I, and others also sending copies of these documents, believe that a reminder of your oath and duty in this regard is in order at this time.  Please accept this gift, and be advised that I, along with others, are paying close attention to both your words and deeds, and we will not return you to your elected office in the upcoming election cycle if you are unable or unwilling to take your oath seriously, irrespective of your party affiliation or excuse for not having done so.

Thank you for your time in reviewing the documents that underlie the foundation of our nation, and may they guide you appropriately in your legislative activity.


Stephanie Jasky

Time your sending of these Constitutions and their respective letters to arrive on June 22nd for maximum impact, as that’s the day I and others, including the fine folks at the Market-Ticker, have chosen.

Let’s pepper Washington with the very documents that they damn well ought to be paying attention to each and every day, testing their intentions and legislation against the foundational law against which all such activity must pass.

You can join in our discussions on the Forum here, here and here, if you’d like to coordinate efforts.  We also have a number of Constitutions to give away.  Our Forum does require registration to post.