You Know The Government Has Taken Over Every Part Of Our Lives When….


General Motors comes into the public schools in order to sell Chevy Volts to children.  No, I’m not kidding you.   This very thing occurred in the Troy School District in Troy, Michigan.

Today, imagine my surprise when my 3rd grader came home with his usual pile of school work for me to look at, when just beneath the A on his most recent spelling test, I found this:

Wait.  What?  They gave him a pamphlet complete with leasing information and MSRP?!  A pamphlet that appears to have been read from cover to cover with child-applied highlighting?!

“Son, exactly what is this?”

“Oh, that was our presentation on the Chevy Volt.  Look, how awesome it is, we have to get one…..”

“What the…..??  I said, cutting him off.  “You mean they passed these pamphlets out to you and they told you to take them home to your parents? Who was it that passed these out to you.”

“No, mom.  Jimmy’s {not his real name} mom brought them in.  All the third grade teachers passed them out and we had a big discussion about how great the cars are and they even had one at the school!  A brand new one!  One of the teachers got to drive it and everything! It’s going to save the planet and we have to get one and….”  My son said in one big excited stream of dialogue.

“WHAT?  You mean they wasted a substantial amount of time in class convincing you to sell a vehicle to your parents from a company that is wholly owned by the government?  They want you to tell your parents to buy one, when in fact, any child with working parents has probably contributed enough taxpayer money to GM to have earned a free one at this point?  This being the same General Motors that lobbied Congress to force the entire country to bail them out and save them from bankruptcy?!”

“Huh?  I don’t get it mom.”

“Well, son, let me explain.”

So, the first thing I did was direct him to my most recent article on General Motors, posted on June  2nd.  Obama Administration Knew GM Lied About Paying Back Taxpayers .  It’s a short article, so I had him read it. 

So, he clearly saw they lied.  “Why did they lie?” He asked me. 

I told him that it was because they haven’t paid back anything to the American taxpayers.  As of today, GM is indebted to the taxpayer to the tune of roughly $27 billion.  Last year they made a big deal out of proclaiming that they had paid back the taxpayer by giving the US government stock and “returning” some of the borrowed money.  It’s the last bit that his the biggest lie.

What they did was take money from their TARP bailout funds and apply it to the primary bailout fund.  “Yes, son, they paid off their Visa card with their MasterCard, but both cards are owned by the US taxpayer.”

Here, I’ll just let this nice man explain it in terms even a third-grader can understand:


Apparently, General Motors, a de facto part of our government, now views our public schools as their private,  captive audience and they plan to exploit it.  If third-graders got a half-hour presentation enticing them to get their parents to purchase a Chevy Volt, imagine what they are doing in the upper grades where the kids can actually DRIVE!

What was my son’s reaction to all this?  Well, he asked for a piece of construction paper. Specifically, he wanted it in pink.  (Strange for a small boy who hates pink.)   So, I gave it to him and he busily drew, colored and wrote, after which he handed me what turned out to be a pink card.  It was for his grandmother.  “Dear Grandma, congratulations!  I’m so glad you work for a car company that does not lie and does not force people to give them money or trick little kids to sell cars for them.”  Inside was a picture of a Ford Edge.  Grandma has worked for Ford for more than 20 years. 

I think he gets it.  I probably shouldn’t tell him about how GM dealerships have been caught pocketing the tax credit meant for consumers when they purchase a Volt.  Best not to make his little head explode.