Bulldoze It | Firefighter to Demolish Home Before Bank of America Forecloses

From AmpedStatus

Entire Cobb Mtn. Estate to be demolished by couple with dueling  dozers rather than allow Bank of America to auction it off in the  fraudulent foreclosure Ponzi scheme, bogus modification scam now  sweeping our nation! An estimated 15 Million homes/families’ lives hang  in the balance! We’re all in this together – How are you fighting back?

This was originally posted and flagged down within an hour the first  time I posted two nights ago on Craigslist under: real estate and in  just 18 minutes the second time I posted it under: free stuff. Please  leave this up as it a serious commentary about the very real, current  state of our nation!

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From OhioFraudclosure…

NOT… Just another Foreclosure Story

NOT ..an America Birthday or 4th of July Celebration

Sadly – it’s another Bank of America foreclosure story………OR IS IT ???

Over the last few days everyone had emailed or linked me to the below insane HEADLINES

Craigslist Couple to give away contents of entire home….or

Couple to deploy Dueling Dozers in demo of own home

As it was, the only reason their story came out…was in trying to give away the contents of their home as Free Stuff on  Craigslist… What! ..Can you believe it? Someone trying to give away  ALL the contents of their home!…Well no…and neither could  Craigslist…so the ad was quickly flagged and taken down. Surely it was  some type of fraudulent posting or someone “pranking” this couple…you  know..trying to give away all their stuff. Frustrated – homeowner  Robert posted again…..this time under Craigslist “Real Estate” Once again the ad was flagged and taken down.  So Robert tried posting it – a third time. Yet again it was removed. By this time …Robert was so frustrated  he attached “an explanation” to assure any Craigslist monitors….they were giving away…everything ….adding…..they(Ana & Rob) were going to bulldoze the house. Finally – Craigslist allowed his posting…..but only in the “Politics” category with the bizarre explanation of dueling dozers.

So we (OHIO FRAUDclosure)  had to find out….Who was this “Insane Guy” and what kind of  ”Crazy  People”…give everything away and then plan – to bulldoze their home.


Behind  the sensational headlines – I found a real couple – suffering real  pain. And no matter how the Bank of America spokesperson tries to spin  this story….it stops HERE and NOW. This is NOT another  California family looking for a “Free Home.” This is NOT some crazy  couple that ”overbought” during the real estate boom. And NO… they  didn’t refinance 2 or 3 times to buy boats and cars so they could live  it up somewhere near the California Coastline.

This is…the story ……of Ana and Robert Somerton…..real people & real victims – first suffering  through a Counrtywide FRAUDulent loan, then with all Bank of Americas  (BOA) failures with  phony servicing attempts to implement …any of the  Goverments’ failed “FRAUDclosure prevention” programs.

Ana & Robert Somerton

In  1990 Robert’s father (Ronald) bought a small 1.3 acre parcel of land,  on which he planned to build a small 820 sq foot 1 bedroom 1 bath  retirement cabin. Robert was excited for his father, who slowly, was  building the home “out of pocket” (no loans) on weekends. Some six years  later, and nearing completion of his dream home ..sadly.. Ronald passed  away. Robert could not bear to have the home and property…slip away.  He was determined to finish the home that his dad had so wanted. But, in  order to buy out his sisters half of the estate and finish the  home …Robert took out a loan against the value the property.

It was at this same time that he decided he should slightly increase the size … to a more usable 1275 sq. ft. He and his wife  – Ana – eventually decided they would finish ”Ronald’s dream”. Robert told me ”We  first painted the place, then we fenced in the yard for our dogs Magic  and Pascual. We also converted the garage into our master bedroom, and  added a new walk-thru closet and master bath to the end of house. I did  all the drawings and most of the construction …with Ana helping out…  on her days off.”

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