Coburn Speaks Truth



I am sitting here watching Senator Coburn on the floor of the Senate speaking the truth that I brought up yesterday with the Boehner bill (and Reid’s too) – that they’re scams.

That there are no cuts.

The claim of “cuts” is a lie.

This path will lead to a credit downgrade and ultimately bankruptcy.

He’s not pulling his punches – at all.  And Kerry is trying to argue against fixing the problem and that “we need more time.”

Well, no, we don’t.  We’ve had four years since the crisis became emergent.  Both House and Senate have refused to deal with the issues.  The Senate hasn’t even passed a budget for the last two years!

Sorry Kerry, your side has had the gavel and yet your answer is simply to print up more hot checks and lard up the debt.  It’s a scam and a fraud.

(Click to Play Video)

I didn’t think I’d heard someone speak the truth in the Senate or House – that they were all liars.

Well, thus far – all but one.

Thank you Senator Coburn.

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