FedUp Michigan News: City of Troy

City Council Using Library As Means of Extortion

Over the past 18 months, the City of Troy has attempted to raise citizen’s property taxes with TWO elections and now plans a THIRD on August 2, 2011 for .7 mils – AN 11% TAX INCREASE.  We do not mind paying needed taxes, but oppose tax hikes when THE CITY ALREADY HAS THE MONEY TO KEEP THE LIBRARY OPEN! See the proof for yourself.  The City has $12.3 Million sitting in a ‘slush fund’ – which the council claims is for ‘pension shortfalls.’  PENSIONS?  Why should payment of their pensions come before saving the library?!  Do you, dear taxpayer, have a pension?  Why would you want to provide one for someone else with YOUR money?

The council failed with the first two millages so are now separating the millage requests into smaller amounts, which will add up to at least a 25% operating millage tax increase (another 1 mill is already being discussed for the November 2011 ballot).  All this electioneering has cost taxpayers over $500,000, almost 20% of the current annual library budget!!

Council claims there has been no viable ‘plan’ put forward, but indeed there has been.  Councilman Howrylak’s budget proposal showed that Troy can afford the library without new taxes, yet the majority of the remainder of the council refused to vote for his budget.  Instead they voted for cushy Early Retirement Packages for top employees costing a minimum of $1.3 million!

The truth of the matter is that Council keeps asking for increases in order to maintain the exorbitant salaries of many City employees, 20 of whom make over $128,000, and 13 of whom make over $180,000!   This doesn’t include the lifetime health benefits, pensions or other benefits!  Again, I ask, do YOU want to be paying for these salaries and benefits before you pay to keep the library open?  Well, this is precisely the decision that Troy City Council has made FOR YOU, unless you vote NO!

This is not a question of keeping the library open, it is a question of whether or not Troy citizens will allow the City government to continue to mismanage and misspend your money!  Tell them you will not be a victim of extortion – VOTE NO ON AUGUST 2!  If the library is closed, IT IS BECAUSE THE TROY CITY COUNCIL CHOSE TO DO SO.  Then it will be the voters’ responsibility to get rid of all of those who voted to do so in the next election.

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