Is It Time To Pour Some Tea?

One has to wonder.

Coburn has been called a “Tea Party Turncoat”, but is he?  How about Jim DeMint?

As I’m sure followers of my articles are aware, I’ve been extremely critical of what appeared to be a direct change from fiscal responsibility or anything like it (never mind cessation of knobbing the banksters) right into “GGG” – the shop-worn and tired “Guns, Gays and God” nonsense.

Well, perhaps some who claim to be “Tea” have realized that there’s no future in “GGG” if you try to use that as a sop for what you were elected to do?

Hmmmm….. maybe.

I have often said that when the facts change so do my opinions.  And it appears that perhaps – just perhaps – my opinions need to be revised, at least for a few Senators and Representatives.

Let’s start with Steve Southerland.  I’ve been very critical of him, going after him full-bore after what I considered a shameful and intentionally-misleading “presentation” he gave in Destin with Jeff Miller. He’s my “Critter” in DC, replacing the utterly worthless Alan Boyd this last election.

But he voted no on the Boehner bill.  While he did not completely explain what he would vote for in his press release, he did say this:

“I believe Speaker Boehner deserves credit for crafting the best solution he thought possible after enduring months of stonewalling and political parlor tricks from the President and Senate Democrats.  However, I am concerned that the House Budget Control Act hands President Obama a $900 billion debt limit increase without the guarantee of a federal balanced budget amendment or the trillions of dollars in spending cuts and caps necessary to protect America’s AAA credit rating.

Close enough for now.

Then there’s Coburn, who I Tickered earlier today.  His speech on the Senate floor needs to be heard by every American.  He’s spot-on and nobody in The House or Senate can honestly refute a word of it.  Kerry, who tried, simply made a fool of himself.  Click that link and watch it for yourself.  Yeah, he has been wrong before – TARP, for example.  But we all have erred and if we refuse to forgive sins when people’s actions change, we go nowhere as a country – or as individuals.

Finally, we have DeMint, who the AP is reporting on:

But unlike the fractious movement as a whole, DeMint is specific and focused on what change, exactly, he wants: passage — not just a vote — of a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. Without it, he says, no consideration should be given to raising the nation’s borrowing limit. Even, he says, if the country runs out of money for paying all its bills after Aug. 2.

There it is.  The correct position, in my view, and exactly what those who originally began sending Tea Bags and otherwise raising hell have all been about since the beginning (myself included) – no more government “hot checks” and games.  No more “baseline” budgeting that would land you in prison anywhere except in Congress.  No more claims of “cuts” when they’re spending increases.  No more bailouts, which are simply more “hot check” games.  And no more providing services we are unwilling to fund with current tax revenues.

I’m sure I’ve missed a number of Senators and Reps in here and I can’t possibly cover them all individually – after all, there were other “NO” votes in The House.  Among them where Michele Bachmann and Connie Mack.  The full list of Republicans who voted against, all of whom can be presumed to be demanding an actual balanced budget, is:

Justin Amash (Mich.), Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Chip Cravaack (Minn.), Scott DeJarlais (Tenn.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Trey Gowdy (S.C.), Tom Graves (Ga.), Tim Huelskamp (Kan.), Timothy Johnson (Ill.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Steve King (Iowa), Tom Latham (Iowa), Connie Mack (Fla.), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Mick Mulvaney (S.C.), Ron Paul (Texas), Tim Scott (S.C.), Steve Southerland (Fla.), Joe Walsh (Ill.), and Joe Wilson (S.C.).

While there are still plenty of liars in Congress, including people like Jeff Miller (R-FL-1) who claim to be a “fiscal conservative” yet voted for Boehner’s fraudulent claim of “cuts” it also appears we have a few people who claim to be “Tea Party” affiliated and/or fiscal conservatives who have found religion.

I don’t care where they found it or why.  Maybe they read all the Tickers I’ve been faxing to them the last couple of weeks; some have gotten a whole load of them.  Maybe they sat down with Excel, as I’ve challenged everyone in Congress to do for four years, and simply run the numbers.  Some of them recently got a targeted “care package” coordinated by myself, Steph’s FedUpUSA and Bill Still, addressed and sent by a cadre of Patriots on Tickerforum who all deserve a standing ovation for their efforts – and maybe those Congressfolk actually read and viewed the material.  Maybe they heard a voice in a “burning bush” or maybe they woke up in a cold sweat and realized that all the lies, obfuscation and games were running out and their political necks were headed for the guillotine known as the “Ballot Box” next year.

Whether their enlightenment came in a church, in a field, reading Tickers, watching videos and reading printed letters, waking in a cold sweat, praying on their own or with others in the House as it was said some of them were doing before the Boehner vote, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it happened and that there is a small but growing group of Senators and Representatives who have had their “Come to Jesus” experience on what we must do as a nation.

If you’re a person of prayer, now is the time.  To stiffen these men and women’s backbones and enlarge their gonads.  Pray that a love of true freedom, fiscal reason and responsibility ring like brass church bells and their resolve not fail.  That the truth – the cold, hard mathematical truth that cannot be avoided and must be faced be explained to the American people head-on.  And that the very public and essential debate be held by and with the American people on exactly what services we are willing to pay for with taxes in the present tense, dollar-for-dollar, and that the Federal Government be cut back to exactly that size and not one federal employee or department beyond it.

Winston Churchill once said that “Americans will always do the right thing ….. after they have exhausted all of the alternatives.”

Well, we’ve exhausted all the alternatives.

It’s time.

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