Ok, Now There Is One Valid Proposal (Coburn)

Someone has found religion…

Coburn is unveiling a plan to reduce deficit spending by a whopping $9 trillion, shrink government by some 20 percent and balance the budget, all within 10 years.

“It’s specific, it’s detailed, it makes hard choices,” Coburn said. “And it’s rough, but it’s necessary.”

The full monte can be found here including a summary, the full book-sized (600+ pages!) report itself and highlights.

I have not yet read the whole document, as this “just appeared” last night, but it looks to be very detailed and does not rely on “growth” to produce its results. That is, it’s real savings, not some ginned-up nonsense and game.

As can be expected the screaming began instantly when this was released.  I’ll read the entire thing over the next few days, but there are some excellent highlights:

  • Gets the federal government the hell out of the educational system! Now that was something we were promised in the “Contract with America.”

  • STOPS federal subsidization (and perhaps bankruptcy exemption?) on student loans.  (This, incidentally, might do more to contain college costs than anything else.)

I’m a bit more-wary of the Medicare/Medicaid claimed savings, as I see nothing at first blush that addresses the underlying issues in the medical industry.  Yet we must.  I also see little on energy policy, although there is discussion of nuclear power (good.)  There’s also nothing meaningful on tax, trade or immigration – three other places we must focus.

However, it can no longer be said that there are no serious proposals on the table.  There now are: One, and Senator Coburn is the man with it.

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