Reid, McCain, Obama: Shut Up. You Lost

You’re NOT going to get what you want Harry.

You need to read the damned Constitution.  ALL REVENUE BILLS MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE.

YOUR chamber has failed to pass a budget for the last two years.  YOUR chamber has repeatedly violated the Constitution by refusing to do so.  YOUR chamber is a public disgrace and every last one of you should be removed for violating your oaths of office.

What the House is going to pass today is a bill that will give you a few more months to come to your senses and accept the math: The budget must be balanced.

I know McCain got on the Tee Vee and whined that “this will never happen in the Senate.”  Fine JOHN.  Do you remember 2008?  When your campaign advisor and friend Governor Ridge stated to me, in my ear while my picture was being taken with him, that he, and thus your campaign by inference if not in fact, knew damn well that all of this crap-pile related to mortgages and lending was a scam?

I don’t forget minutes in time like that.  Why did he say that to me?  Because a few minutes before I excoriated him and Keating in the meeting room where those of us who paid our campaign contributions got one question each – and mine was why hasn’t anyone gone to jail for all this fraud and will McCain change that?

Well, the answer is no, John wouldn’t change it.  In fact he suspended his campaign to bail out the people he knew were ripping people off.

You want me to reprint my letter to Daucher from that year JOHNOh hell – go ahead and read it just so you remember.  You were wrong then and you’re wrong now.

Screw you Reid and screw you McCain.

The House controls the purse strings.  Period.  If you don’t like that it’s just tough crap – that’s The Constitution and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.  The House is saying no more credit – we will live within our means.

Your two choices, and President Obama’s, are to either:

  • Accept this and live within it. You then have a few months to negotiate exactly how you’re going to get there and what mix of tax increases and cuts will take place.  Yes, it will suck.  Sorry.  The math is what it is.  See the chart below.
  • Keep playing your damn Senatorial and “Kingship” imperial games. Your time to whine expires Tuesday if you do that, because you cannot force The House to pass anything, and if there’s no bill then there’s no more debt.  Period, end of discussion, full stop, the budget is balanced immediately by default.

Pick one Dingy Harry and the rest of your Senatorial clowncar brigade.  Ditto for you Obama.  There ain’t jack and crap you do about it – these are the facts, and you can either agree to a balanced budget that is negotiated within the next few months or you get one right now.

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