The Fed’s Killing the US Dollar Behind the Scenes


You’re losing purchasing power by the second.  Every dollar you earn is worth less and less every day.

Things have gotten very ugly for the US Dollar.

Up until last week, the US Dollar looked as though it might be staging some kind of a rally with a series of higher lows. However, we never quite made it above resistance but have taken out
the multi-month trendline instead.

Worse still, we’ve seen a new lower low formed, which indicates the upward momentum (however small) has been broken. We now have only two lines of support standing between the US Dollar and
all time lows:

This is quite a development as stocks have been showing pronounced weakness over the last month or so. And typically when the markets switch to a “risk off” mode money pours into the US Dollar.

But then again, we have the Fed still juicing the system behind the scenes:

As you can see, aside from a brief dip at the beginning of July, the US monetary base continues its near vertical trajectory, which tells us that the Fed continues to print money despite QE 2 ending.

It’s not much of a surprise, the Fed knows how to do one thing only: print money. However, the fact the Dollar is showing so poorly while Europe is taking a hit is a major warning that all is not well with the greenback.

I’ve long said that we were heading into some kind of inflationary collapse. We might get another round of deflation first (courtesy of Europe imploding), but the end result will be the same: the US Dollar falling when the US defaults on its debts.

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Graham Summers for Zero Hedge