The Rank Dishonesty In Congress (Boehner Bill)

Remember folks, these are draconian cuts according to the Democrats, and yet they’re also substantial spending reductions according to Republicans.

Just a couple of quick questions.

  • Is there any year in which the spending in either discretionary or Social Security goes down?  No.  Therefore, in my view any such claim of “cuts” is an act of public corruption for which Boehner should be indicted and imprisoned.
  • Is the alleged “spending reduction” backloaded?  Yes.  Social Security spending increases an average of 10% (compounded) in the first three years, thereby guaranteeing that two House elections and two Senatorial Class elections will have been held before any decrease in entitlement spending rate occurs. This too is a fraud upon the public, albeit entirely expected from the Goebbels Ministry of Truth, otherwise known as Boehner’s office.
  • Is the cumulative spending increase anything approaching reasonable?  NO.  Social Security spending over the 10 years will approximately double and the size of government as measured by discretionary and Social Security spending (combined) will increase by 53% over the ten years.  Where’s the cut, Boehner?

In short this is yet another Goebbels Media Lie Parade out of the Speaker’s office, and not one mainstream media outlet, to the best of my knowledge, has pointed these facts out.

What’s worse is that the Democrat’s “ideas” for “cutting spending” and “closing the budget gap” actually add even more spending!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Medicare and Medicaid are not included.  Yet they’re growing faster than any other category.  Gee, I wonder why they were excluded?

If you’re wondering why I am absolutely certain that whatever comes out of this process will garner an immediate downgrade from S&P (and perhaps Moody’s), this is the reason.  They can do the math too, and it’s clear, convincing, obvious and inescapable.

This entire plan, along with the Democrats “plan”, are in fact bald, pernicious lies.

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