Warning To The Republican Leadership


Considering that the Republicans are now attempting to implement a “Super Congress,” essentially creating a new UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislative body, it appears they’ve already ignored this warning.


Make no mistake, whether Republicans cave and raise the debt ceiling, choosing instead to hide behind the lie of ‘default’ or whether they decide to create their Stasi-Style “Super Congress” –  they will have simultaneously chosen to destroy themselves.

Here’s a hint if you can’t stomach doing what must be done, DO NOTHING!

But here’s the rub.  If the debt ceiling is not raised, and I sure hope it’s not, the balanced budget amendment is no longer theoretical.  It’s very real, and it’s happening right NOW.

All agree that for the month of August, there is approximately $200 billion of revenue coming into the Treasury.

It’s been widely discussed that the Treasury and the President can decide which bills to pay first.  Assuming the debt is paid off, so no default (not even Greek style); there still is sufficient money for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and military salaries.

So, what’ll it be Republicans?  Do you feel lucky?