Is God Trying To Say Something?


There are times you just have to wonder.

A hurricane that appears to be taking dead aim at both Washington DC and Wall Street?

Gee, I wonder if there’s an embedded message in there somewhere?  After all, insurance companies do call these sorts of events “acts of God”, right?

So….. as we all prepare if we’re in the to-be-impacted area, let’s remember a few things:

  • Small changes in path matter.  They’re also unpredictable.  I was ready to “bug out” for Ivan, and decided to stay literally at 5:00 PM the night it came in.  Why?  Because had the path been about 40 miles east of where it was, I would have been a good 5′ underwater at my home.  As it was the right decision was to stay; we had to battle rising water and succeeded in keeping it out of the house.  Barely.  But I live in a relatively-lightly-populated area.  If you’re in a big city and it looks like Irene might get you, get out.  There’s only one thing worse than getting stuck in a hurricane with your house disintegrating around you, and that’s being in a 2-million-car-long traffic jam with the water rising rapidly.  In a hurricane it is not that the wind blows, it is what the wind blows, and sometimes the “what” includes objects like trees and Volvos.
  • If you’re not prepared by now, you got trouble.  You’ve either got 48 or 72 hours before it’s on top of you, and 12 hours less before the weather starts to seriously deteriorate.  Oh yeah, all the plywood and other essentials will be sold out within 200 miles by now.  If you’re not prepared now stop reading this Ticker and get off your ass or suffer the consequences.  Time’s up.
  • If you want to be a hero (or do something stupid) at a time like this, please make sure your next-of-kin’s phone number and name is written on your chest in permanent Sharpie marker first.  It will make it possible to notify the person who has to come pick up your body.  Seriously.  There’s always someone who tries to do something “heroic” – or just plain stupid – during these storms and a good percentage of the time they die.  Save the ME time in analyzing dental records and use the Sharpie.

While you get ready for the wind and rain, give some contemplation to whether this might be something other than just pure random chance. Lots of people don’t believe in God.  That’s fine.  Lots of people think there’s a God but he doesn’t really care what you do.  That’s fine too.  In fact we have even seen bank CEO’s talk about doing “God’s work”, which some people of faith would consider to be a direct insult – intentional and malicious blasphemy – over the last couple of years.  Clearly such people do not actually believe in God or they would not make comments that seem awfully close to daring the Almighty to respond.

But then there are those who believe there is a God, he does know what man does, and occasionally he gets pissed off, especially when extreme and outrageous provocation is continually poked in his eye over the space of years, even decades.  Maybe yes, maybe no, but gee, this is such a coincidence given the recent arm-twisting out of DC on the mortgage “indemnity” issue, the incessant cesspool of fraud on both Wall Street and Washington DC.  Add to that the utter and rank hypocrisy out of both the Republicans and Democrats claiming they’d clean it up, when all they’ve done is screw the common man some more, especially those older people who truly did nothing wrong and have had their savings and retirement destroyed by all the “rescues” engendered with zero interest rate policies, commodity price ramps and their adjuncts.

Still think it’s random chance?

How certain are you?

If it makes you feel comfortable while sitting in Goldman’s office, or at The Fed, or in Congress and the White House reading this to believe that these events are just the roll of a set of dice, go ahead and believe that.  You’re also free to believe that God would never wind up causing collateral damage and therefore you’re safe and sound, despite all the Biblical evidence to the contrary that not only does He on occasion, He doesn’t really seem to take much account of that at all.  Perhaps that’s because He figures that those who surround themselves with fraud and even benefit directly and indirectly from it (even if they don’t commit fraud themselves) have little room to complain, or maybe He just wields very blunt instruments.

Then again, perhaps this storm – and what some could consider a “warning” in the form of that little shaker the other day – was in fact all just random chance…….

I don’t pretend to know the answer to this question, but I do think these events and the odds of simple random chance with the earthquake and now an apparent “in your face” hurricane strike happening back-to-back are something to think about while you board up, load up, and decide whether you’re going to try to ride it out or bug out.

Oh, and if you are or were in a position to do something about this cesspool and haven’t?

It would seem that you’ve got some thinking to do as well.

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