Republican “Mainstream” Self-Destructs

Well here’s Boehner’s “compromise”; what it does is:

  • Lie once again about “cutting spending.” It does no such thing.  It increases spending – every year.  Bogus and outright-fraudulent “baseline budgeting” means that if they intended to boost spending $300 billion but only increase it $200, that’s a $100 billion “cut.”  If you ran your household like this you’d be broke in a week.  For the US, it will take a bit longer.
  • No tax increases. That’s nice, but let’s not forget that while the Democrats scream about the “Bush Tax Cuts” the FICA tax cut was theirs.  Obama signed it.  You cannot keep reducing income and increasing spending forever.
  • The cuts, fraudulent though they are, aren’t even real anyway – and not binding either. There’s nothing before 2013, which means a downgrade is almost certain.  Further, raising the debt ceiling now for the whole among but allegedly finding the “cuts” over 10 years is an outright fraud by a ratio of 10:1.
  • A 2013 timeline for actual changes means nothing, since the next Congress is not bound by what this one does. Period.
  • Sequesterization didn’t work in 1997. It won’t work in 2011 either.
  • We failed to get to $4 trillion. That’s what S&P said they needed, and they said they needed to see that within the next three years. Now we find out if S&P has any balls.

We also get to find out if the so-called “Tea Party” is worthy of the name.  Yeah, I posted that my opinions change when facts do, and they appeared to.

Boehner needs to be ejected from Congress in the next election, and the remaining “mainstream” Republicans must go with him, along with any claiming to be “Tea Partiers” who vote for this abortion.

All of them.

In the meantime, kill this bill and by doing so balance the budget in three days.

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