The Constitution Is Gone


No, not in theory; I mean literally.

Readers of FedUpUSA know that I don’t post Alex Jones.  This is primarly because I disagree with his positions on a number of things, but on this point he is correct.  The Super Congress has officially made the United States a dictatorship.  Snuck in with the debt ceiling legislation that was supposed to ‘save us all’ – is a frightening circumvention of the checks and balances of the power of our 3 branches of government.

This is not a partisan issue, either.  Both Republicans and Democrats agreed to this.  Indeed, NO ONE on either side of the aisle objected to this!

Alex Jones covers the high points of the horrifying new powers that this new small group of people has in this video.  Watch it.  Pass it to everyone you know.


It is also worth reading the article from the Huffington Post:  Super Congress Getting Even More Super Powers In Debt Deal

Our Republic is being destroyed right before our eyes – all because those in power refuse to stop borrowing, spending and giving money to the banks.