Caution: The Rats Not Only Flee, They Speak

Oh oh…. (run this through Google Translate if you don’t read Hungarian)

Europe’s common currency is virtually dead. The euro’s doomed situation. The only open question now is, that European governments and the European Central Bank’s desperate rearguard action even number of days to keep the spirit in Greece. For the moment, when Athens is declared bankrupt, a ten earthquake shakes the very Europe, which will be the overture to a whole new era in the life of the old continent.

Indeed, Greece is not only bankruptcy will mean that the Greek government securities holders did not get back their money invested, but also to the interior of the state will not be able to meet its debts.

From the moment only Greek teachers, doctors, police, army, ministry and local government employees will not receive a salary, just as the seniors did not expect nyugdíjukra good time. The ATM is emptied in minutes. The local banks are stuck holding government securities, an immediate liquidity crisis, devaluation of the Greek banking system in total collapse. Thus the savings of depositors is totally wasted because the Greek government deposit insurance or guarantee was now living. Bankkártyájukról since then, not only at home will not be able to withdraw some money, but the world’s only automatájából not. The benzinkutakból run out of fuel, as well as food from the grocery store. Greece is practically a full stop at least a decade of life and dramatic drop in poverty in the country as a whole.

It only gets better from there.

One tidbit:

The now four-year, and is constantly raging crisis in the greedy, selfish human nature too is certainly not the banks, not brokers, not the weather and no natural disasters, but above all, and especially at any price with economic growth, power libertine policy responsible for the global elite. Namely, those legislators, the majority of whom have never been able to see through the international financial developments, therefore, the corresponding pre-crisis legislation will only have been available, when in 2008 the world has collapsed.

Yes, but of course he comes at it from the view of the banksters, which is that banking is utterly required for modern economies.

Well, yes in a fashion.  That is, we need a banking system that clears payments (primarily.)

We most-emphatically, however, do not need the banks that robbed us all.

This is a rare, and I suspect quite-unauthorized, bit of “truth-telling” by one of the folks in the middle of the mess who has recognized that there is no way out of the box that they’ve bricked themselves into.

Awwww… cry me a river…. and find shelter from the EF5 tornado bearing down on you.

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