Note To Germans: Go Long Handcuffs

From Reuters:

“I don’t think that banks will get around further charges regarding Greece,” BdB President Andreas Schmitz told Reuters in an interview in Washington, adding that the effects of the Greek crisis were manageable if it could be contained.

Bankster speak to English: We intentionally loaned Greece money knowing they could not pay.  We did so even though we knew Goldman and others had helped Greece lie about deficits and thus their fiscal condition.

Schmitz said that this kind of dissent only added to investors’ concerns and that it was crucial that the German parliament approves the granting of new powers to the existing euro zone rescue mechanism, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) in a key vote on September 29.

Bankster speak to English: Now that we did these stupid things, it is imperative that the public be forced to bail us out.  If they do not the gates of Hell will open and Lucifer will roam the land.

The correct response to the Banksters is as follows:

Go get stuffed.  We will not bail you out.  The bondholders who foolishly gave you money without doing their diligence and your executives must pay for your idiotic acts.   We demand that the government treat any such demand as extortion and terroristic threats and arrest, try, and punish you under existing law for those crimes should you commit them.

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