Wake Up And Smell The Banking Fraud & Corruption

You done lefyer fingerprints all over, YOU ARE SO DUMB, You are really DUMB. For Real.   There is a MASTERPIECE of journalism that spells out the particular things that have recently occurred that clearly point to what is about to happen.

You must read this article, because it brings all of the recent  chaos together in once place so you can attempt to get your arms around the catastrophe that approaches on the horizon.

Read it HERE.

I get so tired of the FOX network commentators with their eye-rolling comments about this all blowing over pretty soon, and if only those deadbeats hadn’t bought houses they couldn’t afford…

For all those who are living in a vacuum:

The crisis was caused by herculean fraud perpetrated by wall street executives and their hedge fund co-horts and the big banks.  They cooked up a scheme to leach money from the largest consumer/government supported cash-cow they could think of, which turned out to BE the mortgage market.  There is NO ARGUMENT that a FEW people made poor decisions, even willfully lied to get a bigger loan so that they could have a really nice house, in an act of huge PERSONAL GREED FOR MORE FOR THEMSELVES.  Shame on them, and they should lose their house.

But these decisions, NOT ONE OF THEM, were made with the consideration that, “GEE, this MIGHT destroy my country and even national economy and bring financial armageddon!” Many Wall Street Firms CANNOT SAY THE SAME THING.  Remember this about Wall Street Criminals:


  • THEY CAUSED people to take out mortgages they couldn’t afford. They plotted elaborate marketing campaigns to capture people’s trust and to inspire false expectations about what they were able to have for themselves.
  • THEY CONVINCED people to take chances they couldn’t take and falsely allayed their fears of financial consequences of these chances by making FALSE CLAIMS about what they were (and WERE NOT) signing themselves up for.
  • They reassured people that this was the financially SMART thing to do: “Pay of your credit card debt with a tax-deductible mortgage!!”
  • They lobbied congress to pass laws and loopholes to allow them to conduct illegal business without fear of regulators shutting them down.
  • They exploited the public trust in our financial regulators in that the loan broker must be telling me the truth, because he would get into BIG TROUBLE if he didn’t! {it sickens me to write this after what happened to me with Paramount Equity Mortgage}

They built a financial HINDENBERG in a great, secret hangar on Wall Street, sucked greedily on the toxic helium teat and dreamed up even bigger profit schemes… and the balloon grew and it grew and it grew… Unconscienable wealth was had by individuals who couldn’t believe their genius at scamming BOTH the US Government AND the American Public.  One of these Executives even said that the only thing they needed to fear was: PUBLIC AWARENESS.

It is now, finally, inevitably, about to explode.

They are starting to cannibalize each other now. They are turning, wild-eyed to the “Judicial System” to protect them after they have thoroughly corrupted it.  They are scattering like roaches beneath the glaring gaze of an ever-more-informed American Consumer who, like a recovering drug addict has realized that they were sold something that was known to be addictive and would destroy them, but would enrich the person selling to them.

They are angry. They want blood, and BLOOD THEY SHALL HAVE.

Wall Street yells: “It will cause an economical meltdown! There will be hardship!”


Have you been paying attention?

We have been enduring hardship and loss for TWO YEARS NOW! We have nothing left to LOSE!

We stand together with our torches and our pitchforks and we are coming for you.  Our voice has to be awfully loud to drown out the BIG GUYS on Wall Street… but eventually, we will drown them out.

Your worst enemy: PUBLIC AWARENESS has arrived, and we have an invitation for you…

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