Where’s The Helicopter?


There are times I have to chuckle…

I know, I know, it’s just a correction (never mind that the blow-off was one of those things that I warned people about.)

But…. before you are utterly convinced, I think you should consider this chart, the “other” alleged sound money….

Roughly a 40% loss against the dollar in four months.  Why that’s damned impressive!  What would that be in annualized terms?  Let’s see… about 78% if my calculations are correct… without leverage. smiley


Ps: Can someone point to just one actual “printed” monetary unit among major currencies since this crap started in 2007?  Just one please.  Hint: Issuing debt is not “printing” – you have to pay that back, with interest, and screeching that “they will, they will!” when you can’t present any evidence that they did ought to be carefully contemplated before such a statement is made on the forum.  You know how much I love swinging the Thor Device around and the weekend is coming up. smiley

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