American Taxpayers’ Money Is Being Used By Our Government To Put Americans Out Of Work

America, you’re being destroyed from within.  And you don’t even know it.  If you want to know why you lost your job, you better pay attention to what OUR government is doing to you…but not just to the poor American who is now unemployed, you Americans working are FUNDING the literal destruction of your fellow Americans’ jobs.  If you’re paying Medicare taxes (and all of us who are working are doing that), then you are directly kicking a fellow American out of his job.  How the hell can this be?  Well…..

Medicare and Medicaid money have been used to outsource American jobs, and US workers say they were fired and discriminated against by a healthcare insurance company funded solely by federal funds, according to a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

 By way of Molina, several billion of UStaxpayer’s dollars have gone directly to India without any benefit to theAmerican company or the US taxpayer,” the suit states.

The suit, filed on behalf of more than 50 employees, alleges Molina Healthcare Inc. used federal money, defrauded the federal government, failed to pay overtime, discriminated, terminated and violated numerous federal and state labor codes. Molina collected over $9 billion in federal funds in the last three years, the suit states.

‘Since 2006, Molina has spent a large portion of the taxpayer’s money to fire American workers and to hire an abundance of workers brought in from India.

The suit further claims:

… in or around 2007 and 2008, Molina terminated approximately 100 American workers in various states to make room for 100 laborers from India to handle all Molina’s US business operations involving Medicare and Medicaid claims … Molina then billed the US government for the cost it incurred by importing workers from India.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior, alleges Molina used a H1-B visas to bring the workers into the US. “This case is not about illegal or undocumented workers,” the suit states.

To bring in workers from India, the suit alleges Molina used a Cognizant Technology Solutions, a California-based recruiting company, and further claims Cognizant “had to provide false statements to the federal government because Cognizant had to certify there were ‘no qualified United States citizens.” On Jan. 13, 2010, the US Dept. of Labor approved Cognizant’s application for 40 H1-B visa holders from India to work for Molina, in the middle of a recession when many American workers were seeking jobs.

Cognizant imports H1-B employees almost exclusively for India and leases said employees to United States employers … Cognizant has received billions of dollars through it’s business practices … and has displaced millions of of competent US workers from their jobs.

The recession in the United States made it a virtual certainty that there were US workers available,” the claim states.  They were hired at $50,000 a year without benefits. To file the federal government claim, Cognizant certified that it searched and could find no qualified American applicants (or green card holders) to fill job openings for programmers and security analysts for the same pay.

On Jan. 14, the day after the application was approved by the Labor Department, Molina fired 40 workers – programmers, managers and security analysts, the suit states. Most fired employees earned between $75,000 and $100,000 a year with benefits. Employees listed in the lawsuit also claim the Indian managers allowed the celebration of India’s holidays, but not US holidays and ‘actively discouraged US workers from celebrating US holidays and traditions,” such as Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas, by assigning mandatory work that required working holidays.

The suit seeks unspecified damages against Cognizant, Molina and several Indian managers.

Your government is intentionally destroying American jobs to enrich certain preferential corporations and using taxpayer money to do so.  Are you beginning to understand WHO the criminals are?  And just to be clear, the politicians involved are both Republican and Democrat.

Wade Booth-Corona – FedUpUSA

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