But The News Said They’re All Marxists?


From yesterday in New York, which people keep trying to tell me is full of Marxists and Communists, with the entire protest run by George Soros.  And let’s not forget the allegation that they kick out anyone who actually makes sense or isn’t a Marxist.

Oh now that is a Marxist sign…

Wait a second…

I keep being told that all these people are looking for “more free stuff.”

That’s not free stuff!  That’s Restoring The Rule Of Law!

In fact, it’s exactly what I’ve been calling for in this regard for the last several years.

Oh, and for those who think that this protest is a bunch of people who have no regard for anyone else in the area?  You might want to read this:


Now I have to assume that the people doing the “reporting” on this event and the people attending in NYC who are members of the mainstream media are (1) capable of reading, and (2) actually went to OWS in NY.

I haven’t gone to the NY protest, as I live 1,100 miles away and am a single parent.  I have, however, gone to our local protest, and what I keep hearing is that “oh Pensacola isn’t anything like those dope-smoking hippies in NY.”

Uh huh.

If that’s true then perhaps you can explain why I’ve got literally dozens of sets of photos like this along with descriptions of conversations that many people have had — my email box keeps getting flooded with them.  While there certainly are socialists and such present and yes, there are groups who I vehemently disagree with who have declared “solidarity” with OWS, this does not evidence that the people making said statements organized or are in control of OWS.

The evidence is simply not there to support those allegations — especially the second, which is the important one.  After all, if that allegation was true then the people depicted above would have been run out of town on a rail, and more to the point, by now, given the rank and repeated provocation by the authorities, we would have had a looting and burning spree. 

But that hasn’t happened, in stark contrast to times and places like Katrina or the various G-8 and G-20 protests, when it did.

This set of pictures was posted in “The Bar” on the forum by one of our long-time members yesterday. 

He was there.  Before you judge get some first-hand information.

The Media is LYING to you, and when you consider who pays their check isn’t the reason obvious?

Two final points and I’ll leave you to your morning coffee:

For those who say that the “occupiers” are all a bunch of law-breaking, dope-smoking hippies, perhaps you might want to explain how it is then that the Pensacola protesters actually showed up at the City Council meeting, stood and were heard in an orderly and lawful manner, and received a variance — by vote of the council?  Oh wait, that doesn’t comport with the narrative being run by the mainstream media either, does it?

The cops have been trying to suppress dissemination of video evidence of their unlawful behavior as well.  So far Google (which owns Youtube) is refusing at least some of the removal requests, although the most-recent report pre-dates these protests.  Now why would the authorities want video documentation of their lawless behavior removed from view, eh?  “Freedom of the Press”, right?  Uh huh… just like all the “mainstream media” reports of the protesters all being hippies and Communists are true…. right?

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