Occupy Wall Street – It Started HERE – But Where Is It Now?

For those of you critical of the Occupy Wall Street protests: While I admit that the lead has been taken by the left, and their ‘proposed fixes’ are terrible, that doesn’t mean they are not absolutely correct in what they are doing by pointing out the criminality of Wall Street and its capture of our government. Do you LIKE the bailouts that are to this day continuing to destroy our economy and …our country?! These ongoing bailouts are the biggest welfare entitlements the world has ever known – and it has all been YOUR taxpayer money going to Wall Street!

FedUpUSA first started protesting on Wall Street in April 2008 – and we called for an occupation then too! THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!  The only thing different about our message in this video is that we do not propose more communism to solve what is essentially an already communist government/Wall Street collusion.

What is keeping Tea Party folk, independents and conservatives from joining this and changing the dialogue about remedies? Why are you allowing the message to be ‘socialism is the only alternative to Wall Street fascism?’ Oh, there’s Wall Street fascism alright, but socialism and communism are NOT the answers. The answer is to stop allowing Wall Street, Banks and special corporations to pay Congress to write favorable legislation for them, to the detriment of the rest of us. This is neither capitalism nor a democratic republic form of government. It is CORRUPTION of our system.

Why are YOU letting the message against corruption, crony bailouts, devaluation of our dollar resulting in rampant price inflation, and failure to enforce already existing law upon certain ‘exempt’ entities become co-opted by far-leftist, communist radicals? Probably the same reason many in the Tea Party allowed it to be co-opted by far-right factions screaming against gays. This is and always has been about the shadow banking system (Wall Street) controlling the quantity of money in our economy, and using that money to purchase legislation while keeping politicians in office that will continue to favor Wall Street and the Too-Big-To-Fail Banks, essentially paying our government to look the other way when Wall Street commits criminal acts.

You do realize that the reason everyone is losing their jobs, homes and our government and most individuals are up to their eyeballs in debt is because the government is funneling all of our money to the Too-Big-To-Fail Banks both here in around the world, yes? Or don’t you understand that THIS is why there has been a $32 TRILLION net worth gain for the TOP 5% in this country, while the rest of us have lost a like amount? If you believe the system that orchestrated THAT is capitalism, I have a bridge to sell you. Stop defending our current system – it hasn’t been capitalism in decades; it is a kleptocracy. And don’t try telling me that ONLY the government is to blame (yes, they are part of this) – but Wall Street is just as guilty because THIS type of thing is NOT the doing of people in government! These are uniquely wall Street ‘innovations’ – the very innovations that have brought our country to its knees with the perverse amount of leverage they have put into the financial system.

The Wall Street and corporate-money capture of our government MUST END. Pick your enemies wisely but join the battle that is worthy and if need be, change the dialogue – Just like Dylan Ratigan is talking about in the video below.

Now listen to what Dylan Ratigan has to say: