#OccupyWallStreet Our One Demand

The 99%.


So, what Dylan is saying is:  STOP THE LOOTING & START PROSECUTING!

This is what we have been saying here at FedUpUSA since early 2008.

This is our single focus.

This is our single demand.

Everything else is secondary.

This demand is not partisan.  It is not discriminatory.  It is universal.  It is a return to the rule of law; that all laws are applied EQUALLY to everyone.

The question is:  Do YOU have the guts to give up whatever ‘preference’ for which these corrupt laws may have given you benefit, stand up and say: NO MORE?  No one person is more ‘special’ than another.  No one company is more ‘special’ than another.  This means YOU in government and this means YOU Wall Street.  If I can’t lie on my check book balance, then you cannot lie on your balance sheet.   If I can’t ‘buy’ my Member of Congress, then YOU can’t either.  If I fail, taxpayers don’t bail me out and you should not be bailed out either.  If I commit fraud, I got to jail and if you commit fraud, you go to jail too – no matter WHO you are or what your profession or stature.  There should be no 1% exempt from laws merely because they can purchase preferrential treatment, while the rest of the 99% of are systematically looted. Oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks, energy companies – they all pay our government to have laws written to favor their profitability, while destroying our economy, outsourcing our jobs and enriching themselves on the backs of American citizens.  This is NOT capitalism; IT IS FASCISM and THIS MUST STOP!

We are either a  nation of laws applied equally to all or we are not.

You would think we could put aside ideological differences to find common ground on this one issue.  If we do not, the collapse of our financial system and our government will not be discriminatory.  It will not care if you are rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight.  It will destroy the conservative business man, the liberal union worker and the child in kindergarten – all equally.  Will you choose to find common ground or will you choose destruction?

Choose wisely.  Your country’s future is in your hands.

The 1%.