#OWS: Where’s My Marxist Signs?


I keep getting sent pictures and keep looking for the Marxism…. and I just can’t find it.

I mean, c’mon – GADSEN is Marxist?

Not quite sure what he means with this one (other than the obvious “FML” reference), but it doesn’t look Marxist…

Oh look!  A raised fist!  Ok, that might be socialist (I don’t know what “RBE” is though)  But there’s another one of those damned Gadsen flags…. (it might be the same one – not sure)

End the Fed?  Marxist?  And what’s that thing with stars and stripes on it? smiley

The other signs?  Hmmm…. Democracy is the power of the majority not the wealthy?  Marxist?  Uh, no.  “We the people”?  I seem to think that’s not either.  “Audit the fed?”  “Taxation with misappropriation”?  Hmmmm…  Oh wait!  I got it!  REVOKE GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY! smiley

Very Marxist that American Flag.  Right?


Yeah guys, pull the other one.  These photos were sent to me from Denver; I note that Denver is a ridiculously Democratic city, with a virtual monopoly on city politics and has a Democrat representative in Congress.  It was the home of the 2008 DNC convention as well.

So…… how come I can’t find the SEUI and “Marxist” banners in these photos?

And another one down, another one down; another one bites the dust….

PS: Thanks to Armin who took the photos in question – with what is claimed to be an iPhone (I thought my phone camera was bad?  Wow!)

And one more – with a h/t to Barry Ritholtz
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