Still Report 28: Presidential Announcement

Well, here it is.  If you want to REALLY STOP THE LOOTING & START PROSECUTING Bill Still is the man to do it.


FedUpUSA is honored and excited to endorse Bill Still for President of the United States.  We believe there is no one but Bill who is both knowledgeable and qualified to do what must be done to fix what is wrong with this nation.  We believe the time has come to stop choosing between the lesser of two evils.  The root of our problem is the debt-backed monetary system that allows banks to control the quantity of money in our economy.  This monetary system is the primary cause of the massive corruption between government and our financial system.

Corruption is a disease that spreads uncontrollably when the rule of law has been lost.  Our system of government was made with a division of powers among three separate branches of government, all constrained by limited scope and common-sense principles, for the sole purpose of inhibiting corruption and the inevitable rise of an elite ruling class.

Today, however, we have more than thirty-five thousand registered lobbyists in Washington DC. That’s nearly seventy lobbyists for each member of Congress.  Together they spent almost three and a half billion dollars last year — that’s over six and a half million dollars per congressman. With that money, they buy influence, not on behalf of The People, but to put forward the agendas of their clients.  Huge corporations, international banks, power brokers on Wall Street, foreign governments, media giants — the real self-appointed ruling class — their lobbyists write the bills, the congressmen work as scripted front men for tainted legislation and then they vote as they’re told.  This country was founded as a representative republic, but We The People are no longer represented.

There is no more ‘equal justice under the law’ – – there are laws written to favor the elite who pay the congressmen to write them and there are ‘exemptions’ to most laws to allow for the criminal activity of the elite.  Until the rule of law is restored, the financial crisis will not end.  The financial crisis is but a symptom of a disease that is terminal for the Republic.

Bill Still is the only candidate who can change all this.  Please consider supporting Bill and help STOP THE LOOTING & START PROSECUTING!