The Hypocrisy Is Deafening


There are days I’m embarrassed to say I ever called myself a conservative.  This would be one of them.  It’s  pathetic that it takes a comedian to point out what should be obvious to all of us. It is disgusting to see those who advocate upholding the Constitution of this country but deny its 1st Amendment protected rights to all but themselves.  Yes, the hypocrisy is deafening.

Think whatever you want to about the Occupy movements, gobble up the pablum served to you by the main stream media if you will, but you suffer from rectal-cranial inversion if you deny these people their right to speak out peacefully and you’re nothing but a disgusting human being if you cheer the authorities for assaulting any of the peaceful demonstrators.  It was not that long ago there was a certain Tea Party livid at the cries of ‘astroturf,’ ‘Nazi,’ and ‘racist,’ yet there are Tea Partiers who now do that to others.  I think America needs a long hard look in the mirror….but I’ll let Jon Stewart give you a glimpse of that reflection.


We face an enemy common to all Americans: The capture of our government by the private institutions that create our money. It will take all of us setting aside personal and ideological agendas to defeat this corruption.  We had better find common ground before what we have known as the ‘American dream’ is gone forever.