The Stock Market = Those Betting On Your Financial Rape


Here we have a snapshot of today’s Dow Jones Industrial average.  Pretty impressive there.  What you might ask, would cause the Dow Jones Industrial average to rise from down 200 points (where it had been most of the day) to up 153 points in the space of 45 minutes at 3:00 pm ET?  Well, for the average person, the answer isn’t such good news.  From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:


BRUSSELS  — A Belgian newspaper is reporting that the government has promised to guarantee the survival of Dexia, a bank investors worry is overexposed to potentially bad debt from Europe’s most indebted countries.

Following a two-hour emergency cabinet meeting Tuesday evening, caretaker Prime Minister Yves Leterme said, according to De Standaard newspaper, “We are giving a new government guarantee and will take all the initiatives necessary for Dexia Belgium to consolidate. We still believe it has a future.”

The paper said Leterme gave no figure on the guarantee.

The plan involves dividing the bank and putting the problem loans — including those to Southern European countries — into a “bad bank — which both Belgian and France would agree to prop up.

Are you getting this?  The stock market, which by all accounts, is now comprised of more than 75% TBTF (Too-Big-To-Fail banks and Wall Street firms) using HFT (High Frequency Trading), is placing its bets on whether or not Dexia (another European TBTF)  will be able to successfully transfer their bad debts onto the taxpayers of Belgium.  They propose to divide Dexia into a ‘good bank’ and a ‘bad bank’.  The good bank will be retained by the private bankers and the bad bank comprised of all the defaulted, toxic loans will be transferred to the taxpayers of Belgium.  Sound like a good deal?  Well, the banks around the world think so  and they are placing their bets accordingly.  You can see it in graphic illustration above in the Dow chart.

Hopefully, the Belgians will get a reach-around, or at least a kiss after they’ve been raped.  But don’t laugh and point, because this is happening all around the world.  The entire global banking system is doing nothing but chasing their prospects of governments allowing them to commit financial rape upon their citizens and so far, the ONLY country that has said NO has been Iceland.  This is nothing short of ‘legalized’ CORRUPTION & THEFT!  The illustration below is why governments allow this to continue.  These same rapists put your politicians in office.  The bankers don’t care what party the politicians are from, just that they can be bought.

How long are you going to stand for government sanctioned financial rape?  When will you force your government to STOP THE LOOTING & START PROSECUTING?!!

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