Want A Real Choice? Bill Still For President

If you’re interested in having a real choice then you want Bill on the ballot.

To get on the ballot, he needs support.  Money doesn’t hurt either, but support is of course the most important, as delegate votes win conventions.

Head over to http://www.lpmndc.org/ and vote for your preference in the Libertarian party for President.

And if you’d like to help on the money side, head over to http://still2012.com/ and do so.

A vote for Bill is a vote to:

  2. Stop Commercial Banks from “naked shorting” the US Dollar and thus playing the game of “Too big to fail” while serially asset-stripping the American Public.  If you’re affiliated with “Occupy Wall Street” in its various forms, here’s a candidate you can vote for instead of one you must vote against.
  3. Stop government borrowing.  Whatever we want from the government we must pay for in some form or fashion in the present tense.  You cannot solve a debt problem with more debt any more than you can drink yourself sober. 
  4. Get rid of the IRS and Income Tax.  Again, if you’re affiliated with “OWS” you ought to love this.  Replacement of the Income Tax and IRS with a consumption tax means that you choose how much tax you pay based on how richly you choose to live.  Key word here: choose.  If you’re poor you have few choices but you also pay few taxesIf you want to be a “fat cat” that’s up to you, but you will pay lots of taxes.  Isn’t that exactly what “OWS” and those who claim that many wealthy don’t pay their “fair” share” argue for?  Let’s see if they mean it or if they’re just playing political games!

Yes, yours truly (Karl Denninger) is involved in this campaign as an advisor and part of the Florida team, yes this is a full-throated endorsement, and yes, if you’re interested in actual change in Washington you have choices — if you’re willing to make them.

Stephanie Jasky of FedUpUSA is also involved in this campaign as an advisor and part of the Michigan team.  FedUpUSA is exited and honored to be involved with Bill’s campaign. 

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