We Need Citizens Arrests And Trials


This sort of thing has gone well beyond “policy” and in my opinion borders on criminal incitement:

The truth is, right now the U.S. economy needs a little more inflation, not less. It’s sacrilege, I know, but our slavish devotion to low-inflation policies is keeping us mired in a depression.

The truth is that such policies (intentional inflation) amounts to theft of earned capital from the prudent.

Theft is a crime.  In the case where the amount in question is large enough (and that threshold is surprisingly small in reality) it is a felony for which one can imprisoned for a term of many years.

Even better, an organized conspiracy – that is, two or more people combining their efforts to commit a predicate felony – likely meets the definition of Racketeering.  Indeed, one of the predicate offenses in the RICO law is robbery.

I think it’s about time that we stop this nonsense and as the citizens of this nation start demanding the criminal investigation, indictment and prosecution of each and every person who advocates, advances, promotes or intentionally causes inflationary policies, given that:

  1. They are, at their core, nothing more than common theft.and
  2. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, as amended, explicitly states that one of the goals of monetary policy is Stable Prices (and the word “Stable” is defined in Websters as “unchanging.”)

The original Coinage Act (of 1792) provided that the penalty for intentional debasement of the currency was death.

It’s time to bring that law back onto the books and start enforcing it; the gallows can be erected right in front of the Wall Street “bull” or in front of the Washington Monument – pick one.

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