Well, We Know Who The Felons Are – They Wear Badges


After four years of reporting on the various immoral, unethical and in many cases criminal acts perpetrated by people in our financial system and Congress, we now have our evidence at the bar.

This man was gassed for waving a flag.  He was not alone.

Last night “OccupyOakland” was literally laid siege by the police.  Firing rubber bullets and tear gas into a peaceful gathering, they committed hundreds of cases of felonious assault upon peaceful individuals.  I’ll lay odds that not one of the felons-in-blue will be indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned for their crimes.

I remind everyone that our Constitution guarantees you the right of free speech including the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

This does not, of course, include the right to riot, destroy property and commit assaults and batteries.

Well, unless you’re the cops.  Then it appears that you have the right to do all of those things, irrespective of the fact that the people were exercising their lawful First Amendment rights – and nothing more.

The police didn’t stop with tear gas.  They also detonated explosives within the crowd – an act that, taken by an ordinary person, would constitute the use of a bomb and be considered terrorism.

Yeah, I know, they call them “flash-bangs”; intended to stun and surprise.  Let’s call them what they are: They’re explosives, otherwise known as a bomb, and legally known to the BATFE as a “Destructive Device” as they contain more than the lawful limit of powder for a common firecracker. They can (and do) cause personal injury when fired into a crowd.  That injury is reasonably foreseeable when the device is delivered.  This makes the act an intentional deployment of a destructive device with the intent to harm a person – a serious felony.

Of course such felonies are not prosecuted when the police commit them.  Just like the apparent felony murder committed in Chicago by a Gang-Banger in Blue who fatally shot an unarmed man in the back after he had already been shot four other times and was lying prone on the grass.

This man, it appears, was executed in a scene reminiscent of the various murderous thugdoms that have been all-to-common throughout history.  Now we have summary justice-by-gang here, and the gang is wearing blue uniforms and badges!

Police have a tough job, but that’s not an excuse for felonious behavior.  The job of the police is to Protect and ServeLately, it appears they serve themselves, including smuggling guns, slot machines and stolen cigarettes, shooting anyone who might happen to be a nuisance to their “right” to tromp on the people’s necks whenever they so choose.

I’ve long asked the following question: What happens when the people determine that law enforcement agencies – or the government in general – are felons

This is no longer a rhetorical question, and the answer should give all law-abiding citizens pause.

I don’t care if you hail from the left or right, or what your particular view of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is.  The fact of the matter is that we no longer have the foundational principle of this nation underlying our nation: The Rule of Law.

That’s the difference between a Constitutional Republic and tyranny.

In a Constitutional Republic you do not have the rule of 100 jackbooted thugs wearing badges, discharging firearms (albeit – thus far – with rubber bullets) at people, tossing bombs into their midst and gassing them.  You also don’t have jackbooted thugs in blue shooting unarmed people in the back.  Any rogue individual who attempts such a stunt goes straight to prison to rot along with the common mugger or murderer, because he or she is one and should an entire agency show up to commit these acts the immediate response is that the National Guard rises and arrests the entire agency, tossing all of them into the clink where they belong.

Today, however, this sort of abusive crap is exactly what we have in this nation and The Guard, who has sworn an oath to protect this land against all enemies, foreign and domestic, is nowhere to be found.

Those in California (along with those in both New York and Chicago) are discovering the hazards of their failure to demand that entire Constitution be strictly enforced in favor of the rights of the people.

Now you see the consequences of that failure America.  You thought you were trading “a bit” of freedom for alleged security.  What you were really doing is ceding your rights to a band of gang-banging felons-in-blue who have now demonstrated their clear intent to gas, bomb and even murder you.

Have you discerned the error of your ways yet?

We shall see.

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Dateline Oakland: FELONIOUS ASSAULT By Police?

Arrest the alleged felon who is clearly a police officer behind the barricade throwing a flash-bang at a disabled man:



This video is looped and then slowed down and it clearly identifies a police officer tossing the flash-bang directly at the disabled vet on the ground when the protesters attempt to come to his aid.  It detonates literally right next to him.  None of the protesters are committing any act of violence – they are assisting a men who has just been shot with a rubber round in the head.



The Police issued the following in response to a question:

Q. Did the Police deploy rubber bullets, flash-bag grenades?
A. No, the loud noises that were heard originated from M-80 explosives thrown at Police by protesters. In addition, Police fired approximately four bean bag rounds at protesters to stop them from throwing dangerous objects at the officer.

It appears that OPD is LYING.  This video, originally shot by KTVU and still available on their web page, clearly shows a police officer throwing the device; it visibly originates from an officer behind the barricade.  If you watch the original you can see the officer tossing the device in the last few seconds of the clip; the Youtube version does not appear to be doctored.  There was no assault upon or any “dangerous object” being thrown at these officers at the time the officer commits his assault.

Honest people, irrespective of whether they agree with the OWS protests or not, must not sit silently and allow this sort of outrageous and unlawful behavior and the resulting blatant lie — not by protesters, but by the police — to stand.

The responsible officer(s) must be personally identified, indicted and prosecuted right here and now.  Those who lied in the department about the use of these devices must be removed from their positions for cause without compensation, retirement or severance. 

This department’s clear lie means that the remaining assertions — that the police officers acted only after the protesters first threw rocks and/or bottles — cannot be accepted as true and this infirmity must stand until a formal retraction is issued.

There are no free lies, especially in matters like this.  Once an agency or person documents through their own actions the willingness to make intentionally false factual statements as proved by conclusive photographic evidence nothing they say can be taken at face value.

This means the Mayor must go, the police chief must go, and the officer who did this must stand trial, all right here, right now.

Should the people lose what little faith is left in the government and come to an inescapable conclusion that felonious assaults are going to be overlooked “so long as they are committed by police” there is a severe risk of the complete loss of civil order.  Down the road of tolerance of this behavior by the police and city lies chaos.

Nobody with an ounce of common sense wants to see such an event or should be willing to sit idly by while it occurs without vehement protest and every possible attempt to obtain redress by lawful and peaceful means.

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