Are Banksters Trying To Steal GOVERNMENTS?

Jacob Fugger and Matthaus Schwartz. The filing cabinet shows the names of Fugger's branch offices: Rome, Lisbon, Budapest, etc.

A year ago this would have been instantly moved to the Tinfoil area of the forum.  Today, maybe not.

Italy’s Senate approved debt- reduction measures in an attempt to shore up investor confidence and pave the way for a new government that may be led by former European Union Competition Commissioner Mario Monti.

Who is this guy?  Well beyond the “good” credentials (he’s an economist for whatever that’s worth) and a politician (duh) he’s also the European Chair of the Trilateral Commission (yes, Rockerfeller’s group) and, of course, Bilderberg.

This makes two.  The other was Greece, which now has a former ECB Vice-President as their new President.

Greece is still having some problems with this however; it seems that the alleged “unity government” might not be so unitary.  We shall see.

But one does have to wonder about this pattern…. two in a week is not exactly something to ignore. I’m generally very bearish on such conspiracy theories but occasionally something pops up that just demands a mention, and this appears to be one of those times.

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