Evidence: Infiltrators Attempted To Coopt Occupy Oakland #OWS #TCOT

Ah, something the far right doesn’t bother with…… evidence.

– The Black Bloc (what the “Oakland Liberation Front” mimics) is an intentionally disruptive tactic which has infiltrated and radicalized protests world wide. The core principles and tactics are: Vandalism, rioting, and street fighting. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, ongoing protests, and movement on the whole has defined itself in self stating principles at every assembly from the very beginning as “non violent”. Search Google for Black Bloc to find out what it is. Here, I’ll do it for you. It will probably look like the photos you’ll see all day on the sensationalist corporate owned media that is trying to divert the message away from corporate influence and corruption in government:

Here’s the problem: It didn’t work very well.  The link above shows a couple of examples, and I saw a couple more on the network feeds I was watching yesterday.  I saw demonstrators link arms and form human walls to prevent attacks on property – at personal risk to themselves.  There’s video evidence here that the handful engaged in this activity were actively stopped with proportionate physical force — only that necessary to suppress (as opposed to simply beating the hell out of people.)

This is also consistent with what I saw in real time.

Anyone who claims that the presence of a few people who infiltrate a peaceful group and stir up crap somehow taints the entire organization must, to be fair, then call the entire Tea Party a bunch of dope-dealing felons, since a handful of infiltrators have also incited and committed various criminal acts on the other side!

For instance, felony election fraud in Michigan, felony fraud charges in NY, violence at a Tea Party rally in Fort Lauderdale and if you like dope dealers a Tea Party leader in Indiana was charged with that offense too.

Yet you haven’t — and won’t — hear me allege that the Tea Party (in its various forms) is in some way condoning crime of various forms, including dope dealing and violent demonstrations.

That’s because they’re not, any more than Occupy {whatever} is.

It just simply isn’t true folks.  Were it true these agitators would have immediately turned this demonstration into an all-on riot.  The opportunity and density of people necessary was certainly there, if the people demonstrating were disposed to do so — there was little or no police presence and literally nothing other than the desire of the demonstrators that kept the demonstration almost-entirely peaceful.  Were that not true Oakland would have been sacked last night.

Were the criminals in the crowd?  Yes.  There are at the local beach too on any given Sunday.

That doesn’t make the entire group of people on the beach crooks.

I have said since the beginning of this movement that if I discern that it has violent intent that my position will shift instantly.

So will virtually everyone else’s, and in my opinion it should.

Thus far the evidence to support such a position is entirely absent and evidence to the contrary — that these demonstrations are lawful and peaceful expressions protected under The First Amendment — is overwhelming.

The true test of whether you actually believe in the fundamental right of free speech and peaceful assembly comes when the person(s) exercising it express an opinion that you personally disagree with.

You see, nobody ever tries to censor speech or shut down assemblies they agree with.

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