FedUpUSA Congratulates Janice Daniels, New Mayor For the City of Troy, Michigan


November 8, 2011


FedUpUSA Congratulates Janice Daniels, New Mayor of the City of Troy, Michigan

FedUpUSA is thrilled not just for Janice, but for the residents of Troy, who will finally have a government responsive to their voices.  The City of Troy will finally have a transparent, open and honest government.  There will be no more cronyism with our government servants padding their own pockets and pension shortfalls with taxpayer money while closing our library.  (Election Results)

We are confident that the City of Troy will return to being the City of Tomorrow, instead of the City of Yesterday.

FedUpUSA would also like to congratulate, Doug Tietz and Dave Henderson on their election to City Council.


FedUpUSA is a national organization, which is based in Michigan. Our mission since 2008 has been to educate the public about the economic crisis and the fraud, corruption and cronyism that exists between our financial system and our government.