Judge Napolitano: The Banks And The Federal Reserve Committed FRAUD!


This is a segment from tonight’s Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.  In it he interviews Representative Justin Amash (R-MI), a man that FedUpUSA endorsed wholeheartedly in the 2010 elections.  They discuss the Federal Reserve’s secret $7 Trillion bailout of the banks and the new bill being debated in Congress which would give power to the President to deploy our military against US citizens on US soil.

With regards to the banks, I believe I heard the ‘F’ word.  Yes, yes, I did hear the ‘F’ word:  FRAUD.

For those in the cheap seats:  Fraud = Felony = Handcuffs and PRISON

Elect Someone To Help Justin Amash and Rand Paul

What you haven’t heard much of, but should have, is that there’s a second candidate for the House that shares Justin’s views.  That’s Kerry Bentivolio.

Kerry Bentivolio BS

Kerry Bentivolio, Candidate for Michigan's 11th Congressional District

We must take this nation back and restore The Rule of Law and The Constitution.  They’re not just “good ideas” — they’re the supreme law of the land and the real path to prosperity.

This path is also achievable, if we all get involved.

But these positive changes and improvements in our nation will not happen on their own.  They will not happen if you simply sit on your butt in front of the TV, or ignore the political process.  Endemic corruption in Congress and business, intertwined and interlocked, will only end when we, the people,demand it.

The time is now and the opportunity emergent.

The choice is yours.